1991 Mazda MX6 2.2 from North America


A beautiful machine


Clutch around 200 000k.

Everything else wrong with the car was the result of neglect from teenagers.

General Comments:

I think this is the most indestructable car ever made.

It was actually a friend of mines, and I ended up with it, and I watched him beat the crap out of it for 4 years.

Nothing worth mention has gone wrong with the car! It's remarkable!

Has lots of power and is a blast to drive, especially on long hauls.

Looks good drives great, and always gets you there.

I'm writing this just after I drove the car 1500k, and in tribute to how the dozens of times I have hit the road in this car and always got to where I was going and back (in a VERY timely manner).

I'm going buy another 91 MX6 and restore it.

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Review Date: 29th September, 2009

31st Oct 2009, 23:42

I wanted to follow up the review by saying I have driven the car another 2000k, was just short of home when I hit a Birch tree that had fallen across and spanned the entire highway. It will be missed dearly.

1991 Mazda MX6 DX 2.2 SOHC N/A from North America


One of the best cars ever made


Replaced the struts ($400).

Put new tires on it ($450).

Old speakers blew ($150 for new Pioneer).

Bad O2 sensor ($40).

Tune up ($100).

Distributor failed ($50).

Needs a windshield (haven't put a new one in, but around $200).

E-brake failed (Haven't fixed yet but the cable needs to be replaced).

Ball joints replaced ($30).

CV joint boot failed ($25).

Blower fan failed ($45).

Fan control broke (fixed, just gummed up).

Headlights broke (driving down grid roads, $60 for new ones).

Wiper control failed ($10).

CV joints needs to be replaced (on the to-do list).

Replaced the exhaust system ($240).

Couple other little things slipping my mind.

General Comments:

After I bought this car to replace my Mustang (pulled it off the road for a engine swap) and started driving it, I was amazed at the power at first with the 2.2 N/A auto. The A/C blows ICE cold and I have to turn it off when I'm driving because I caught a cold from it last year.

I bought the car for $700 with 200,000 km's on it, since owning it I have put in some new parts, and it now has 291,000 km's in about a year and a half of owning it. The car has left me stranded once, but that was because the distributor failed due to an oil leak I couldn't find until I pulled it out.

This car takes turns like it's no one business, car handles like a dream and just begs you to push it. The transmission and engine are in great shape for having 291,000 km's on them. Engine has a little tick to it and burns some oil, but when I need to add oil it's time for an oil change, so it works for a time frame.

With tinted windows, and some subs in the back it really grabs peoples attention going down the road, great commuter car for anyone. My only gripe with it is the seats, they are hard unlike the seats in my Mustang, which are nice and soft.

The car looks great for being a 91. It has rust, but up here in Saskatchewan, I dare you to find a car with the miles and this clean, you won't find it.

Ever since I've had this car, I've beaten the life out of it, waiting for it to blow, but it never has, always took it and asked for more. GREAT CAR!!! Would love to buy another if a GT 5 speed comes up for sale. Don't think I would ever get rid of the car, it gets 30+ MPG :)

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Review Date: 28th May, 2009