19th Jun 2003, 18:17

I just bought a 1988 mx6 today and now I'm scared reading all that stuff that went wrong on that one.

24th Sep 2004, 00:47

I've owned my MX-6 GT Turbo for 15 years. It broke once-the ignition coil went out. Has 202000 miles and I am now restoring it to original with used parts. Best car I have ever owned.

11th Dec 2004, 22:35

I bought one recently and ADORE it. It refuses to quit. It has an amazing 282000 miles and is still running strong. The turbo still spools up nicely and it doesn't burn as much as a drop of oil. I couldn't be happier with a car this nice. The body needs a little work, but it is by far the best car I've ever owned. It's even more trustworthy than my friend's 1996 Eclipse which has problems with the electrical system. Nice looking car, but he spent about 5 times what I spent. I'll take cheap, fast, and trustworthy. I fail to see what many of you are talking about. Sorry.

3rd Sep 2005, 23:22

I have a 1990 MX6 and it is a wonderful car. Very reliable and cozy. It has surprisingly 183,000 miles on it. It still shifts smoothly, accelerates excellent and drives like a lincoln! I have had to replace minor thing; CV axle, blower motor, radiator fan. The head up was rebuilt 6 years ago so the upper half of the engine has 70k miles on it.

My first car was a 1988 Mazda MX6 base model, I bought it with 112k miles on it. "The entire time I drove it in the ground" It didn't falter until after I had it to 120 at least 100 times, jumping it over ditches and slamming it into gears! Finally the engine blew, but hey, It took all of my abuse and lasted a surprising 8 months! I know that if you take care of the 6 it'll last a long time.. A very dependable vehicle.9+

6th Jun 2006, 09:04

I am only 18 and just bought a 1988 GT turbo. It is faster than any of my friends new cars and it has few problems. It has only 130,000 miles and i`m glad I bought it. Only problem is I cannot find any body kits.. it needs a better appearance. anyone find one please post. thank you.

13th Jul 2006, 01:04

I have a Mazda MXG Turbo. It's an 89 and it's a cool fast fun car, with almost nothing wrong.

28th Sep 2006, 11:13

I'm picking up a 89 mx6 turbo gt in a couple days it only has 110k miles :D I test drove it a couple times and loved it although it does need some work I'm excited... anyhow in regards to the first few comments/complaints it sounds to me you could encounter all those problems with any car especially if its not taken care of.

11th Oct 2006, 07:39

Hi, bought an Mx-6 non-turbo auto and it has been nothing, but trouble to me, but I still love it. There is something about this kind of car, it doesn't look good, I can’t buy any body kits and I have to fix it all the time, but yet I still love it. I want a GT now because my Mx-6 tops out a 110.

I think it’s also funny that the non turbo tops out at 110 with 110hp and the GT I’ve heard tops out at 145 with 145hp. Kinda funny.

9th Nov 2006, 19:35

Hi Mx6 gt fans I'm about to buy a 1990 Mx6 gt myself it needs minor body work, but everything else is clean. Great interior, a rebuilt engine, newer turbo, it even has rims, and I'm only going to pay $800.00. I am buying it from a friend who went on a mission with his church and it was parked for two years. When I test drove the car I didn't expect much, but when I put in first gear and punched it. The car took off and I was amazed by this car.

24th Dec 2006, 06:16

Some helpful reviews here.

I am looking at buying a 1989 mx6 turbo. The owner said he cooked the engine as the water pump wasn't working, but that it only damaged the head gasket. But I am suspicious that maybe the engine is seriously damaged - and I don't know if the overheating could have damaged the turbo.

Also the clutch pedal is so light it feels as if it's disconnected from the clutch - a phone book resting against it would hold it down! Does this indicate the car has been thrashed?

Thanks to anyone who can offer advice.

24th Dec 2006, 11:14

Every car is different as to how the operate (meaning your clutch may be perfectly fine for this vehicle).

The best thing to do is spend $50 - $100 to have a qualified independent mechanic check out the car thoroughly, and preferably a mechanic who knows Mazdas. I looked at Toyota Paseo once that drove great and had no evident problems. The owner claimed it had all new parts (brakes, etc.) so the car was "perfect" and "needed nothing". Well, I took it to get inspected and she was 100% lying, so much so it would have taken something like $1,500 to put the car right! This for a car with a purchase price of $4,000.

The fact the your Mazda's owner actually admits there is a problem is a good sign, although he could just be hiding a lot more.

19th Jun 2007, 19:17

I bought a 1989 mx6 a few months ago. Overall it runs great, with only two real problems; rust and radiator leaking.

8th Jul 2007, 09:52

I have had my 1989 MX6 GT for about a year now. So far I have had to Replace the Turbo and Half-shafts, but that's it. The car runs like a champ and looks like crap. The paint has sun damage, but no rust. It has 67K miles and I drive it every day. The window switches broken, but I splice wires to get them to go up and down. I am happier with this car than my new Chevy truck.

31st Jul 2007, 14:50

I just brought a 1988 gt turbo for $300.not bad. has a little rust and it needs all new brakes all around. i hope it will be a good car.

8th Aug 2007, 01:58

I could not be any happier with my '89 mx6.This car was a steal at $800, with 120k miles. Little fix its, like heater core, window switches, alternator, but it's how I grew to love this car. Been so good to me when I needed her. The person who can find an 89 mx6 should know right away if it's for them. Cars like this have a personality that new cars don't.

16th Aug 2007, 23:32

I just bought a 89 mx6 non turbo 5 speed. the car has 225 on it, but it runs like brand new, I'm currently having the all existant problem of body parts, I would love a body kit, but right now id like just to get some bumpers. does anyone know where to get parts from?

30th Nov 2007, 20:51

It's not really the car! It's how much care you put in to what you love. For example; oil changes, spark plugs and engines modifications! Don't blame the car, blame the owner!

16th Mar 2008, 19:46

My 91 Mx6 GT has 240,000 miles and all it needs is a turbo. Does anyone know where the best place to find a new/rebuilt/used turbo could be found?