31st Mar 2008, 00:57

A word of advise, hopefully you might know the seller and if not, do a vehicle history check it may be well worth the $10. Sorry about your bad luck though.

18th Apr 2008, 00:03

I got my Mx-6 V6 LS for my 16th Birthday in 2003, the only things I have had a "problem" with is the distributor went out, I had to get new struts and a CV boot. Everything and I mean everything is absolutely amazing about this car! It has been maintained as it should. It does have a oil leak now, but keep in mind it is 15 years old now!

It still runs and handles great, I have had people try to out run me on back-roads and they just can't (and I am from the mountains in NC, we have some really curvy roads)! One of the main things I fell in love with about my baby is that it sticks to the road like glue and handles so well in curves! It is still one of the sexiest cars on the road!

And yes I often have people hollering at me at red lights and in parking lots "Do you want to sell your car?"

I have still yet to drive a car that feels as good while taking curves and just overall driving, the only one that would be comparable is my 2006 Mazda 6!

My MX-6 has most definitely spoiled me!

And to you guys calling it a "lemon" keep in mind, it is like with any other vehicle- **If you are not good to it, it will not be good to you!!!**


26th Oct 2008, 14:48

I have just recently purchased a 1994 Mazda MX6 LS V6 with KLZE swap already done... the car is amazingly fast... and handles like a dream...

I fell in love with the car long time ago. And I knew I had to buy one when I got the money... everyone that has this car should maintain for it is a true legend...

I've had no problems with the car... except for some minor maintenance... other than that... it's been good to me.. and I'm planning on completely redoing it.. full restoration.. of course that's once it's completely given up... which might not be in this lifetime...;) Fady... MEXSEX... her nickname.