1993 Mazda MX6 GT 2.0 V6 24 valve from UK and Ireland


Ahead of its time


Antenna mast broke after 4 years; replaced.

Spark plug cables need to be replaced every 30,000 Kms, as they tend to short and cause misfiring.

Power window switches broke a couple times, and the fix would be to have it backed via screws with a metal plate.

Self adjusting lifters tend to need replacing after 50,000 miles.

Velocity joint boot rubbers replacement every 50,000 miles.

General Comments:

This is one of the best cars that Mazda has ever produced; had it from new, and never had any major problems, apart from those stated here.

Both in design, which is timeless, and performance, the car has been the best car that I have ever owned (please note that I own a Range Rover, Jaguar and Mercedes, and still prefer driving my MX6).

The handling in this car is by far the best. Still gets stares wherever I go. Wish that Mazda would start production of this Sporty Coupe again; I will be the first to order one. PLEASE MAZDA, relaunch this car.

To those of you who are complaining, perhaps the car that you bought has been abused; this is the only explanation.

Feature wise this car still to this day carries standard equipment that many new cars today don't. Definitely a great buy.

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Review Date: 4th July, 2010

1993 Mazda MX6 2.0L 16v DOHC from North America


The poor man's Ferrari without the repair bill!


So far:

I've replaced the passenger side outer and inner drive shaft (common problem with these, the outer goes out, but once replaced you'll never have another problem again. Too bad I tried to limp along without replacing, and ruined the inner as well!). $400 because I was stranded, and they took advantage of me!!!

The motor mount bolts came loose towards the passenger side. I drove it a while, being poor I didn't want to know what was wrong! I limped along for a while! Took it in to a cheap mom n' pop shop, and they slapped it back up, and I had them replace the timing belt while they were in there to the tune of $250! Not bad considering timing belt jobs on most vehicles are rather expensive!

The exhaust is known to be an expensive item when replacing, as in more than usual! Haha. It's mainly due to how they routed the exhaust with numerous bends, turns and angles. But mine did go bad, and I just had the local pipe shop throw a straight pipe in! Sounds like a mean car now! Hahaha.

Other than that, just general maintenance on the car, such as brake pads (which are a dream to change on the front! 1 bolt and you're done! Amazing!) and oil, which could have been changed more often, and gas!

General Comments:

This car is sporty, and fun! It's an eye catcher and a blast to drive! You'll get people all the time who want to race, and 9/10 times you'll smoke them! This car has power! Step on the gas and go baby go!!! You can race other cars and beat almost all of them, unless you happen to race the occasional Mustang GT or the Evolution VIII! Hahaha.

The car really handles like it's glued to the road! You can take corners pretty quick without having to worry much about body roll!

Lots of options when choosing performance parts too! Just check out www.mx6.com for tips and hints when it comes to performance, repairs, and just modding out your ride!

This car has been the best car I've ever owned! I've had it for 2 years now and it has cost me less than $1000 dollars to keep it running! A good deal considering I bought the car for $1700! People with newer cars can't believe that I've put less in this car, in 2 years, than they do into their new car payments in 2 months!!! Amazing!

This car has really gotten me through a lot! It's been through Michigan winters and has stood up against 4x4's on unplowed roads 2 feet deep! It just keeps on going! I beat on it all day long and it just asks for more! I have gone double the recommended oil change periods without a hiccup of any sort! This car is truly the most reliable car I've ever owned! I keep waiting for mine to die so I can get another! Looks like I'll be waiting a while! Haha.

If you don't like the styling of this car, just check out its counterpart the Ford Probe. Built with the same Mazda 2.0L engine and 5 speed, it'll take a lot to kill it! Try and stay away from the V6 2.5L version or the automatics. They weren't as reliable (VIS control and coil packs were like candy to this car! Haha)

If you see one of these that hasn't been beat on by someone like me, GET IT! Don't wait, this car will last you well over 200,000 miles! A buddy of mine brags he's got over 275,000 on his with the original motor and transmission!!! Why buy anything else when this car's got it all; looks, comfortable, and reliable to the end!

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Review Date: 6th April, 2010