1993 Mazda MX6 LS V6 from North America


She is my Carmen Electra


The 2 back calipers leaked, causing spongy breaks, replaced both for $150 dollars.

The right CV join was cracked replaced it for $190 dollars.

The Master cylinder had to be replaced that was another $140 Dollars.

The Slave also had to be replaced for another $150 dollars.

The Seats are cracked from the sun, the Car has oxidation all over it. The antenna fell off.

The Sun roof needs assistance while moving up and out, other than that it will move the rest of the way alone.

Hand Break cable needs to be replaced. Car vibrates while slowing down from high end speeds.

General Comments:

You know a few things here and there they can be fixed and this car will be my Lamborginni, or my Ferrari, or even my Mercedes.

A new paint job will fix the hideous paintjob it has now, and some after market rims will fix the ugly rim sickness the car carries, But at a 164k+ miles, the car has outrun any loser that ever rev'd their engines at me, I'm going to the quarter mile and we will test it there :). I love my MX6 OH if anyone could tell me, why my dash console is no longer working? I turned the car on 1 morning and everything worked, then I turned it off ran into a restaurant and came out and turned car on, then it didn't work, The speedometer the Odometer, the gas meter and the HOT COLD meter don't work?

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Review Date: 27th June, 2005

2nd Jun 2006, 03:13

Dude, did you check yer fuses, the tash problem could be as simple as that!!!

12th Jul 2006, 11:47

It actually it nothing at all to do with the fuses. The instrument cluster is fully electronic, no cables or anything for the speedometer. On the back of the instroment cluster is a green microfilm with copper channels that the cables plus into. You need to replace that whole film. They're only good for 8-10 years, I've had to replace mine already. You can find them easily in the junkyards, any 2nd-gen Mx-6 will have it regardless if it's an automatic or manual.

1993 Mazda MX6 LS 2.5 V6 from North America


The Ford Probes brother and a reliable race car


I bought my Mazda MX-6 from a college student that did not have money to do repairs to the car. After doing a small tear-down inspection and very abusive test drive, a car that was not maintained and had 155000 miles on it was sold to me for $600.

The car had a bad caliper on the driver's side rear tire. I replaced the caliper for $85 from Napa auto parts.

The front struts were bad and cost me $200 for the parts and $55 for a front and rear wheel alignment.

For some strange reason, the windsheild wiper light is on as a warning light on the instrument panel. This is strange because everything for the wiper system works great.

The motor has a rhythmic vibration when warming up, but after the car has come up to operating temperature (2 minutes) it has a beautiful idle. I need to get that checked out.

General Comments:

I purchased this car for $600. It is a 1993 and has poor maintenance if little ever done to it and the car is immaculate.

There is very little rust on this vehicle and after a good waxing, the paint looks beautiful and is black in color.

The moon roof works with flawless operation.

The transmission shifts smoothly when driven in a mild manner, and when beaten on... it shifts so firmly it makes you say, "Whoa!"

The engine, with 155734 miles on it, has so much power you don't realize just how fast you are going. I read on the internet that this car has only 160 horsepower. I am going to order a used engine in long-block form with a manual transmission for only $1325.00. This package will have 30,000 miles on it and will increase the horsepower from 160 to 220. The motor and transmission will come from Japan where just about all of the sports cars have more power than their United States versions of the same car. I am doing this because this car handles so good I am going to enter it in Sports Car Club Association events on a road course track.

I will probably add a performance suspension package from Eibach and some strut bars to make sure the chassis doesn't do anything weird.

I love this car. I can't say anything bad about it at all. I bet the original motor and transmission push another car to the 250000 mile mark while passing emissions. Does anybody want it? usand3kids@peoplepc.com.

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Review Date: 17th June, 2005

1st Jul 2005, 09:06

I love my Mx6 and my boyfriend knows I can never get rid of my first car because it's my baby, so he looked for the cheapest, best motor swap he could and he found that you can get a JDM motor swap for this car with a turbo set up for roughly $1100!

29th Jul 2007, 17:33

If the original poster ever gets back to this page I'd be curious to know if you've completed your upgrades and have gone racing yet. When I owned a 93 Mystere I wondered why they weren't more prevalent in track racing. Even stock with the 165 hp engine and suspension I thought mine went and handled pretty well and would have made a good basis for lightening and tweaking. So if you have gone racing tell up how you made out against the competition.