2000 Mazda Premacy GXI 1.8 from UK and Ireland


Well built and reliable, but dull


Front suspension roll bars replaced 40,000 miles.

General Comments:

Well built and very reliable, if a little dull. Steering is not well damped and uncomfortable, especially when front tyres wear to legal minimum.

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Review Date: 22nd January, 2004

2000 Mazda Premacy GXi 1.8 from UK and Ireland


The best car I've owned



A dealer recall to replace rivets in the exhaust heat shield the only problem.

General Comments:

A very practical and comfortable vehicle.

Easy and stress free to drive

The interior is a bit bland to say the least, but this has improved in later models.

The only niggle I can find is that the rear seat belts rattles against the door if they are not retracted properly.

Much better vehicle than the Scenic I owned previously, cheaper too.

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Review Date: 13th September, 2003

2000 Mazda Premacy LX DTI 2 from Netherlands


Not complete enough for that money


No problems with the car, start always.

General Comments:

They sold the Car to me telling me it was build on the 626 Base. After a couple of month I discovered that this was not true!! It is based on th 323.

It's to noisy, and not complete enough for the money that it cost.

Missing Variable interval on wipers back and front.

Missing control light for window washer level.

Missing temprature indicator on the dashbord (frost detection).

Missing Sun-roof is not available on this model when you want a TDI engine.

It's a fine car, but when you drive more than some kilometers per day, it is not good enough. Will I buy an other Mazda YES!! a Premacy? Never again.

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Review Date: 7th March, 2003

17th Oct 2009, 21:23

According to the Dog and Lemon Guide, which I have in New Zealand, the car is based off of a 626.

18th Oct 2009, 01:43

Not the 626, the 323 is the base. The guide is mistaken.

I had a Premacy and it was a great cheap secondhand alternative to the unreliable Zafira - cheaper and better!

13th Jan 2011, 14:27

Some elements are from the 626, but most of them based on the 323.

2000 Mazda Premacy GSi 1.8i from UK and Ireland


Very well built and a pleasant drive


A few things have been done under warranty, but they are trivial. Generally very reliable so far.

General Comments:

The Premacy is enjoyable to drive with its fluid gear change and sharp well weighted steering that provides plenty of feel. It is also a comfortable car with a good ride quality and impeccable build quality.

The things that could have been done better are to:

1.) include a few more handy cubbies.

2.) make the engine less coarse and more quieter especially around 4000rpm.

3.) improve the front end grip very slightly (the handling other wise is very taut).

4.) make the interior more classy (the facelifted MK2 version is better).

5.) reduce the levels of road and wind noise at speed (most under £17K Japanese cars suffer from such problems because in Japan the roads are just so quiet, smooth and the Premacy is sold mainly in Japan).

Overall it is a good looking car especially with the optional body kit that we've got. A few more extras on the options list like leather seats, satellite navigation, cruise control and heated seats would have been nice, but otherwise it is a really sound car that I strongly recommend instead of a Renault Scenic or Citroen Picasso, which are both built out of old French baked bean tins. One thing that has to be mentioned is the cars excellent pulling power (torque?), stick it in 5th gear at 15mph an it will pull smoothly right up to its 115mph limit.

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Review Date: 6th January, 2003

30th Jan 2003, 04:31

Nice call... French baked bean tins, now that is very true -I unfortunately own a Scenic.

I think the Mazda Premacy looks great, but ultimatetely it must be a DAM sight better built than our car.

The engine and gearbox are made from cardboard, the interior trim and rubber parts are manufactured from recycled bin bags.

Oh... and the paintwork is in fact water based poster paint from "ELC"!!

20th Dec 2004, 03:17

Yes, clutch judder is the Premacy flaw, unfortunately.

As far as understeer is concerned, I have never had any. This could be down to my GSi's 195/55 R15 tyres which provide more than enough grip.

It seems like you are driving a people carrier like a sports car which in reality is not the best thing to do, unless you are in a lowered Zafira Turbo.