2001 Mazda Premacy GXi 1.8 petrol from UK and Ireland


Versatile value for money


Nothing at all, in terms of the mechanics. Very impressive, compared to the Peugeot I had before this.

Paint-work seems a bit delicate - when washing it by hand on one occasion, I just happened to let the bucket brush against the wing and, hey presto, a lovely dink!

General Comments:

Firstly, don't buy this vehicle if you don't like the colour grey! I kid you not, everything inside is as dull as a rainy Monday morning.

That said, this car is a steady, reliable performer. We went across Europe in it and, although it huffed and puffed,fully laden, over the Cisa pass in northern Italy, it was a smooth, comfortable ride. The air-con is perhaps a little puny for a cabin of this size and amount of glass - fine for the sunny day of an English summer, but less impressive in the Med. area.

The kids complain far less than in our previous car - a 406 estate- and they seem to appreciate the individual and versatile rear seats. Not many cubby-holes for all their junk to be stored in, though. Excellent front and rear leg-room for a car of this size.

Good to drive in all respects, with excellent visibility marred only by front pillars, (annoying on twisty mountain roads), and the centre-rear headrest (I took it out). Surprisingly tight on corners for a high car.

Luggage space appears generous, but the rear suspension eats into the boot. Still, at least you can pile it up high!

One moan - It must be a penny-pinching philosophy that designs a car with a spare wheel recess big enough to take a full-sized tyre, and then puts one of those ridiculous, skinny, space-saving things in it!

To end on a positive note, this Mazda is just what you need if you have to make long, not -too -hurried journeys with kids, do not possess a huge garage, need a vehicle with cavernous load-carrying ability (rear seats come out in a jiffy), and you don't want to spend the earth on it. Add to that the knowledge that you're getting a very reliable package and you'll soon learn to love all that grey!

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Review Date: 5th June, 2002

13th Nov 2004, 08:02

I've just bought one of these babies and it's got a missing middle headrest!!! Any chance you've still got yours???

16th Dec 2012, 06:54

I think the spare wheel would be better if it was full size. There's room for one