2000 Mazda Protege LX (ES model in the States) 1.8 from North America


Best car for the money we have owned!


Very little.

Not much at all until after 200,000 kms.

Replaced manifold gasket.

Replaced Struts.

Replaced timing belt (regular service)

General Comments:

These are great little cars - we sold our 89 Mazda 323 with 430,000 km (266,000 miles) and the kid that bought it drove it for another year or two. If this one goes anywhere near this, it will be great. They have been known to go 600-700 thousand kms (brother-in-law is a Mazda mechanic on the other side of the country.)

We have been extremely happy with the vehicle (We are glad we bought this model as it needs the 1.8 engine attached to a 5 speed).

While it is slower off the line - it is very comfortable at higher speeds and passing vehicles, and at 38 miles to the gallon on the highway, we have been more than happy.

With the sunroof, spoiler and low profile tires on the 15" rims it looks good too. Even our 16 year old daughter loves the car and wants it when we are done with it (and no, not just because she will get it cheap).

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Review Date: 14th May, 2008

2000 Mazda Protege ES 1.8 from North America


Excellent value


Oxygen sensor in cat. converter bad at 90,000. Never replaced - I just drive with the check engine light on.

Car has had 3 CD players from the manufacturer. Current one is also broken.

Chronic alignment problems.

Tires from the manufacturer were cheap, hard, and needed to be replaced at 20,000.

New alternator at 160,000.

Problems with heat/air-conditioner fan at 150,000. Air-conditioner has always been weak.

Replaced numerous other components including drive axle, suspension parts, removed heat shields.

Brakes were hard to get used to at first - them seemed soft.

Numerous dash lights are burned out.

General Comments:

This car has only stranded me once at 160,000 miles when the alternator went bad. It has been stored outside in Minnesota since I bought it with 7 miles in 2000. Overall, very high quality car. I have bumped a few other cars at low speeds, and it has been rear ended. For $14,000 brand new in 2000 - great value.

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Review Date: 12th May, 2008

2000 Mazda Protege from North America


Just bought the car about 2 weeks ago. The check engine light came on along with the battery light. Had the battery and alternator tested and they were fine. The car was idling low and sometimes it wouldn't start until several attempts. Took the car to the mechanic to be diagnosed. It came up as needing an ignition coil. Replaced coil, plugs and wires. It ran OK for 3 days, now it didn't start once and is running sluggish. Does anyone have any suggestions??? Has anyone had this problem before? Apparently this is common in these cars.

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Review Date: 8th March, 2007

24th Mar 2007, 16:33

I'm having a similar problem. Check engine and battery light are on. I replaced the coils, plugs and wires also. Just replaced the alternator. The problem with mine is when it gets hot, the car stalls. You have to pull over to let the car cool and then it starts back up. Any suggestions? I don't want to put anymore money into the car?

2000 Mazda Protege LX 1.8 from North America


Great little family car!


The car computer started acting up as in the car started one day to rev up and down while driving and at rest. Took it in to a mechanic who changed the battery and alternator, but that didn't solve the problem, old parts put back in.

Took it to the dealer where I bought it and after a week+ of them having it, a new computer was put in at no cost to me. (hidden warranty/known defect)

A process of examinations must be made in order for this problem to be found and fixed.

Main computer harness ties to alternator which can fray due to position of wiring, frying the computer which need replacement.

7 year warranty (hidden manufacturers defect)

General Comments:

Interior shows no signs of wear.

Have yet to change the brakes after buying the car.

Automatic door locks located only on drivers side, why?

Feels and drives just like my old '91 Corolla, but a better car, hope it last just as long too.

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Review Date: 5th February, 2007