2002 Mazda Protege LX 2.0 from North America


OK, for about 50000 miles


Transmission is starting to give trouble 50000 miles.

Brakes already been replaced.

Bumpy ride at slow speeds (wheels and tires are in good shape and balanced)

General Comments:

We bought this car last year, and until recently its been a good car. The transmission has always shifted hard and now is shifting very hard!! We have done some research on the web and found out that this is an ongoing problem with these cars. Some people blame it on Ford, but these transmissions aren't Ford. My car, transmission included has about 5 stickers on it saying the entire car was manufactured in Japan. To the best of my knowledge Ford transmissions are manufactured in Detroit USA. So much for Japanese being better. My next car will definatly be American!!!

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Review Date: 10th December, 2005

10th Aug 2006, 08:37

Not that I hate American cars or anything (I live in Michigan and have familial connections to Chrysler and Ford), but I wouldn't let a Mazda decide that Japanese cars are lesser. They aren't exactly the cream of the crop when it comes to cars from that island nation...

8th Mar 2007, 17:27

Don't try and stop them! Let them buy american!! They'll find out really quickly that automatic transmission fluid DOES need to be changed, and that cars in general DO require maintenance. The lesson is always best learned when it's learned the hard way.

2002 Mazda Protege from North America


If it were not for the cars stylish look I would be very unhappy


Had to replace the transmission on our three year old Protege 5 a car with only 41,000 miles on it. Warranty had ran out, but Mazda did replace it with a rebuilt transmission.

Periodically hear a clicking noise when turning a corner, but cannot figure out what it is.

Both back windows will no longer go down.

Air conditioner compressor flickers on and off and sometimes will not stay on if you turn the blow level past one. It also puts out an odd odor.

Very noisy on the inside when on the interstate.

After only a month we had to have a new CD player put in. After three factory CD players we finally bought our own CD player and have had no problems since then.

The paint on the hood chips easily and the clear coat is already going.

General Comments:

The Protege 5 is an okay car. I think we paid to much for it, but I guess you live and learn.

Not a very good car if you have an infant. When put in the back seat you have to move the passenger seat almost all the way up for the baby seat to fit properly. I feel sorry for the front passenger because they have no leg room when the baby is in the car.

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Review Date: 8th June, 2005

31st Mar 2007, 22:43

Clicking heard while turning corners is most likely due to a failed/failing outboard CV (Constant Velocity) joint. If the inboard CV joint fails it will usually make a thud sound during acceleration and deceleration.

3rd Oct 2011, 15:25

The AC light blinking when the fan is in position 2 (or 3) is possibly due to a bad connection/oxidation of the fan speed connector. Take the connector off the fan speed switch (you have to remove the radio to do that) and put it back on tight. Fixed the problem on my 2002 MP5.

2002 Mazda Protege 5 2.0 from North America


Great Value for the money... too bad they stopped making it


The rear wiper blade wore out prematurely. (cost to replace $14 big deal)

I replaced the crummy tires with better ones at 41k miles. (cost to replace $400)

A light bulb socket corroded at 42k miles (cost to replace= $10)

General Comments:

I used synthetic oil since day one. And it made a difference. I got extremely good gas mileage and the car NEVER broke. EVER.

Handling is incredible. Speed and acceleration is not.

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Review Date: 15th March, 2005

23rd Aug 2006, 11:58

My brother owns too a Protege 5 and I got him to put in a synthetic oil and a K&N air filter. Big difference.

A problem with his car is the antipollution part has been changed twice at a cost of about 230 dollars + installation each time. Apart from that it works great with all options, but only the 3 speed automatic. I recommend this car to anyone not looking too much for performance, even if it is peppy enough, but for someone who goes camping, on long trips, and someone who needs lots of carrying room, but does not want an SUV.

4th Aug 2007, 01:17

I added turbo muffler, megna flow, had the computer reprogrammed. It has more power than needed especially when it hits powerband. Much quicker to with go kart drive/feel.

I also own the new Speed3 which of course has a lot more power, but the MPR5 is a lot more fun to drive on a daily basis. More agile, better mileage.

But the Speed3 is more comfortable, cruising car. And when you want the power to blow by the BMW's, you feel great since those drivers always feel they are better than you in a Mazda.