13th May 2002, 20:09

I had my back-left window get jammed in the down position of my 94 protege also. I was able to remove the motor assembly and fix it. You just have to bend the metal holding the arm back into place to keep the teeth from skipping.

17th Jun 2002, 10:24

I had the same "popping" problem with my 94 Mazda Protege when I made sharp turns, or went over large bumps. As it turns out, I had a stabilizer link that was broken. Once this was replaced the problem went away. It only cost $20 for the repair.

30th Nov 2002, 11:36

When the weather is cold below 35 degrees my horn gets stuck going off, great way to wake up at 4 am with the neighbors calling me asking me to turn off the horn. As well my seat belt light and beeper keeps beeping. I have tried to remove the fuse, but then I have no brake lights or speedometer.

1st Apr 2003, 13:31

Regarding point #9: The tape deck on my 1992 Protege became unreliable between 70,000 and 80,000 miles. I too installed a CD player. I think this is common for cassette decks, and CD players are getting pretty cheap anyway. The FM radio always had great reception, better than the one in the CD player I bought.

Regarding point #7: This is a recall item. You should contact your dealer. I still have a card from Mazda regarding potential failure of the automatic seat belts to move along their track properly. They advised me that this was a recall item and that if it happened on my car, I should contact my dealer. Mine still function, so it's not yet an issue.

Regarding your other points: My Protege is 11 years old and has 126,000 miles on it. It has all the options except a sunroof. The power accessories and other options work just fine. My air conditioning still is chugging out cold air using its original R-12 refrigerant.

Finally, I agree that parts are outrageously expensive and that many are available only from Mazda. At present I am attempting to locate an air intake hose -- the hose between the air flow meter and the intake manifold -- and am having a lot of trouble. Mazda wants almost $70, and so far the salvage sites simply do not have this part. The car won't run without it, so I may wind up driving to a parts store, removing it, and having them assemble a makeshift replacement from generic hoses and elbow joints. (I've done this before!)

Overall I would give this car a much better review than yours, although my experience apparently has been much better than yours. It's a fast, good-handling little car with lots of extras at a bargain price. Just don't break anything...

8th Aug 2006, 09:40

I also have a 94 Protege. It too makes the popping noise when I turn. I have been thinking it is a CV joint going bad and assuming this isn't going to be a cheap repair, have been holding off fixing it. Also, my A/C fan doesn't seem to blow hard enough to cool you off. The car also speeds up and slows down as the compressor kicks on and off!

5th Dec 2010, 11:02

A popping noise during a turn or going over a bump, was fixed by replacing one of the front struts. The strut appeared to be good, but it was worn out on the top end, where it rotates when steering.