24th Jan 2004, 01:05

I have the same problem with my Mazda belt. Have you found out how to correct it. I am on my third belt in 3 weeks.

15th Mar 2004, 11:44

I have had worst problems with my belt! Since May of last year I have replaced 6 belts. Mechanic that does the work on my car says pulleys are lined up and pulleys are not freezing up. He doesn't understand why I keep throwing belts. I'm afraid to drive anywhere because when it squeaks, IT'S COMING OFF. If anyone knows why, please let me know.

16th Jan 2006, 21:02

I've had similar problems with my Festiva, which, as many of you already know is designed by Mazda.

The problem, according to a number of Mazda owners is that the belt simply isn't tight enough. They recommend buying one from a dealer (as opposed to a place like Advance which, frankly, sells garbage) and crank it about as tight as you can get it. Drive it a week or so, then tighten it again.

Also, make sure the pullys are completely clean. clean them before putting the belt on, even if they look clean.

3rd Apr 2006, 10:35

I have a 1997 Mazda Protege and I am also having trouble with my belts. I have just been noticing it the past couple of months, meaning it is a winter/cold weather problem. I took it in the mechanic and he actually thinks it may be a problem with my air compressor seizing up. Also mentioned that you may want to replace the belts with different belts with a notched "grip" on the back of them... I have also heard rumors that you can buy a spray that will make the belts more tacky and thus not slip so much.

17th Apr 2006, 18:22

Hi - 1997 Mazda Protege. Finally got my belt squeaking to stop - but replaced the alternator and battery. Isolate the belt that is squeaking and go from there - even though my alternator was spinning freely when we took it out, replacing it seems to have made some sort of change.

25th Jan 2007, 15:10

96 Mazda prodege. 1.8l Same belt problem, but I've gone through 4 belts and 3 alternators. THe alternator instantly overheats and the belt burns up within miles. WHY?

17th Jan 2008, 03:16

Hi, without even thinking much about it... from the descriptions to me it sounds like fault's in the alternator and perhaps in the battery... in either case driving against a "less than short' circuit... otherwise things would cook in the alternator wiring.

I might suggest you check a later model, same style motor and see if the problem exists, if not maybe change to that system.

For example, those garbage Fords around the '90's were an absolute dud with battery problems, and several thieving conscienceless taxi drivers around Woy Woy never paid me when getting me up at midnight to change batteries bought elsewhere.. because I was bit of a softie, but also to co-operate with the conspiring oppositions who were losing business to me whatever they did. Ali baba would be counting his fingers every five minutes with those guys.!! That's why I can't be bothered thinking too hard LOL!...

Drive without air conditioning if same belt and eliminate or include. This idea of tightening belts to violin tension only does in the bearings and the pulley and the belt eventually. It's not a long distance between stator and armature either, where a different kind of short can occur.

I agree with the chaps who talk about the serrated belt and the spray, but... if it wasn't slipping, that would not be a problem... the build up would not be on the pulley.

I am presuming that the belt angle and path is OK. Are you using genuine belts?

The other thing is that Mazda would know of the problem, and a Mazda service advisor would be on top of it. I realise I am 11 years too late, but.. there are still plenty on the road. Maybe I'll think about this one... Cheers.

1st Jan 2010, 15:14

OK, enough is enough. I have a 97 Protege that has had 6 alternators and 10 belts replaced in the last three years. MANY Protege owners have complained of the same (squealing belt) concerns, with no fix in sight. Has anyone replaced the alternator and used a factory (Mazda) alternator? I have used good rebuilt replacement alternators with poor results. I am ready to go to the dealer for an alternator. Who has a fix for real?

12th Mar 2010, 19:27

1998 Protege: 1 battery, 1 alternator, 3 sets of belts in three months. Last set of belts are Mazda and started squealing in two days (raining hard). Now the belts only squeal when AC is engaged. Going to go through the tightening drill tomorrow.

15th Mar 2010, 11:42

If you are having to replace the belt so many times, it is mounting alignment issues, not the alternator itself. The bracket may be misaligned or the pulleys may be bent, even from factory. Sprays are a band-aid for the problem. I believe tightening a belt from a dealer to dealer specs is the best way to go.

21st Sep 2010, 00:47

I had a 1995 Mazda Protege. With the 1.5 liter engine. But it is air conditioning-less though. I never had belt problems! I bought my 95 with 125k miles. Drove to 242k miles. I never had problems with the belts! Is the problem on the 1.8 liter engined models?

Just today, I had just bought a 1996 Mazda Protege with the 1.5 liter engine. I'm yet to see how good my car will come out to be. I paid $1250 for it BTW. Looks and runs well for the price. And the A/C works! Cool!

15th Feb 2011, 23:38

21st Sep 2010, 00:47.

I'm the poster of the date above.

Oh yes, about my BRAND NEW 96 I bought back in this day (9-10). Well this car is a LEMON! Too bad it came out to be a BAD car. Well first off, it has a major problem with the smog check. The self tests on ECM do NOT get ready. Fails the smog because of it (readiness monitors).

But the BIGGER problem I have; my car does NOT start when the weather is COLD! After days of diagnosis, I found the engine head is SHOT (low compression, 85 psi on 3 cyls, 140 on 1 cyl). Distributor has a "leak". But fixed it by covering the cracked prong from the coil. That's it. But this will probably cost $1000. ($500 for the cylinder head, doing it myself!)

1st Mar 2011, 02:58

I'm BACK! From comment on 2-15-11. My car is a lemon??? Well I think I CHANGED my mind. All I did the other day, was clean the MAF sensor and the throttle body, and that FIXED 5 HUGE things: rough idle, engine pinging, got the self tests to complete, improved the MPG, and created more horse power! And this was ALL I needed to make my car PASS the smog check! I am a VERY happy camper now! But, I'll just have to live with the hard starting on the cold days. The warmer days are coming anyway!

Oh yes, and I am also having the situation of the squeaky belts too. Only when A/C is on.

2nd Mar 2011, 09:31

There is a intake air temperature sensor near the MAF sensor. Maybe it is malfunctioning and causes hard starting.

Another common issue is the the EGR system. The ports in the intake manifold may be clogged. Often the throttle body is dirty from black deposits.

Look at the 98 Mazda Protege review "a lovely runner" on this site for detailed information.