1987 Mazda RX7 GLX 1.3L non turbo from North America


The paint has started to flake in a few spots.

The fan guard had a missing bolt and was chewed on by the fan.

The center consul was broke in half when the previous installed an aftermarket stereo.

The transmission is missing a seal and all of the engine heat comes into the car.

The rear tires wear too fast, but that is my fault.

There is a small exhaust leak and it back fires when I shift from high RPMs.

General Comments:

Beside the little problems I love this car. I was lucky enough to get the car for $1,400. I have only had to replace the tires.

The only modification I have made is short ram intake and that made a really big difference. Stock my car ran between low 18's to high 17's. Now it runs between low 17's to high 16's.

I have taken it through the canyons and the handling it awesome. It sticks to the road and rarely slides. This car loves to pull hills. I was speeding up the hill and there was a Porche that could not catch me. It was a blast.

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Review Date: 29th July, 2005

1987 Mazda RX7 from North America


Cheap to upgrade not to fix


Well, I just bought the car. So I have noticed only what is wrong now.

I need to replace the high output coils which run about $150 a piece (I need two), and it's a little loose in shifting, but I plan to get a short throw if I can find one.

AC doesn't work and I have no power steering, neither of which I plan on using (more hp).

Rotary hurts my wallet.

General Comments:

The car is very sturdy and much stronger built than my last car. Its very beefy.

The car handles very well, getting me out of a couple situations.

The car is very quick, but won't go above 45 with the bad coils, but still is very quick.

I scored it for $800 and it makes all my friends jealous, and I know with coils I can whoop them all.

Performance parts are easy to find for simple mods, but some of the higher upgrades are not.

Less moving parts = less to buy for more hp.

Performance parts are cheap and cool looking, and with 150hp stock, the car will fly.

Did I mention the beautiful handleing.

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Review Date: 20th April, 2005

1987 Mazda RX7 Coupe 13B from North America


I fell in love as soon as I saw it and I would buy another one in a heartbeat


The emergency brake cable froze on me.

The interior trim cracks easily with its old age.

I replaced the starter and battery.

I replaced the plugs and wires.

I replaced many wires due to corrosion.

I replaced all hoses.

I re-soldered main solder joints in the computer to repair a faulty horn and erratic idiot lights.

General Comments:

I just want to say that this car was an excellent car and it was very fun to drive. It handled extremely well and would eat up other imports that challenged it.

I recently rolled this car over twice and though it is a very sad thing for me, it protected myself and my passenger very well. Not a single injury. Thank you MAZDA.

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Review Date: 2nd December, 2004

28th Aug 2005, 15:04

I just bought my 1987 Rx-7 a couple of months ago and It has a few similar problems that you were talking about with the faulty horn. where did you go to find the info on how to make the repairs. If anyone can give me that info please send me an E-mail to William.Tomcik@shaw.af.mil thank you!

1987 Mazda RX7 GXL 13B Normally Aspirated from North America


An often over-looked legitimate sports car with high reliability, great fun


There were a lot of little things when I first bought the car, mostly electrical. Some research on the web and several hours with a soldering iron on bad solder joints took care of inoperative windshield wipers, intermittent clock, random idiot lights, etc.

A cracked windshield was replaced, which has been the most costly fix so far at $400.

The broken self-retracting antenna mast was replaced thanks to parts and how-to from Mazdatrix.

The clutch hydraulics were replaced mostly due to my own desires to eventually "zero-time" the car, not because of any failure. This helped shifting tremendously. Again, Mazdatrix provided parts and advice.

The car is very easy to work on. All easy stuff, web is great resource of how-to.

General Comments:

If you looked past the nit-noids of the problems stated above, this car was the proverbial cream puff. An enthusiast owned it before me and kept it immaculate.

This is my third RX7, the previous two were first-generation. I like the electronic fuel injection much more than the carburetted 1st gens.

Interior comfort is better, although with the sunroof my headroom is limited.

An advantage of the rotary engine is it is very happy on regular grade pump gas.

The ergos of the car are excellent. Controls are very intuitive and easy to operate even during spirited driving.

Perfect car for enthusiast on a budget: responds well to maintenance and mods, commutes, hauls groceries, looks good, is a blast on weekend mountain curves, an entire cottage industry of aftermarket support.

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Review Date: 20th October, 2003