1992 Mazda RX7 FD3S Efini Type R 2 x 1.3B from UK and Ireland


The ultimate real life performance car for real life money


Not too many thing's went wrong with this car:

1. Fueling problem, I removed the first Catalytic Converter (hole in the CAT) and replaced this with a "HKS" Down Pipe (£280 pounds), this resolved the problem and the car had more power and better idle - a common problem with these cars.

2. Flooded Engine - My car would not start one morning, turned out to be a fuse problem. I removed the 20A fuel pump fuse, took out two of the spark plugs and turned over the car until the fuel had been pumped out of the engine and then I jump started the car without any problems.

3. Had the wiring loom correct, replaced all faulty wiring and most importantly - these cars do not have the best earthing - I connected a 8WG wire from the negative (-) battery terminal to the fuel rail, the engine block and the suspension turret to fix any electrical problems - this is a must fix for any RX7.

4. Brakes, my vehicle had the wrong pads up front resulting in a costly replacement of the disc's and pads.

General Comments:

This car is amazing, truly a sports car.

The bodywork is exceptional, especially as it is aluminum and weighs next to nothing.

The performance is also amazing, unlike any car I have driven.

The Rotary engine has to be driven to be believed, especially the smooth acceleration due to the lack of a fly wheel like on conventional engine.

I had bad experiences with my dealer, I purchased the vehicle UK ready from a local car dealer who obviously knew nothing about the RX7's - no after sales support.

Luckily I found a local (Bedford) based RX7 tuning garage, they took the car in and in two weeks had fixed any major problems and replaced the exhaust system with a HKS 3" system to a "HKS" Hiper Muffler, very very loud with flames!

Performance is amazing as long as you don't do stupid modifications, I purchased the whole "HKS" engine kit ("HKS" Intercooler, "HKS" Re-Breather Kit, "HKS" Induction Kit, "HKS" SQV Blow-Off Valve, "HKS" Radiator) purchased for £2750.00 pounds which pushed the power up to around 350BHP.

I would recommend you have a fuel computer fitted or you will run the car lean, something like an "APEXi" unit is reasonably priced and looks very cool in the cabin.

I chased a "Honda CBR" on my way to Birmingham so this tells you what these cars are capable of.

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Review Date: 4th January, 2004

13th Jun 2004, 12:48

Only the bonnet and suspension arms are ally, the rest is still steel.

1992 Mazda RX7 Efini 1.3 Rotary Twin turbo from Japan


Costly to maintain, but well worth it for the experience!


The first problem that I had with the car was an internal wiring problem with the ignition and dash harness. The Mazda dealer took two weeks to disassemble my car in order to tell me it was going to cost 1,500 dollars to replace or 300 to repair the harness.

The car was never taken in for the recall on the interior components having their finish wearing off. I was unaware of the recall until after I purchased the car.

Water pump went out at about 45000km.

The most irritating problem is my climate control system is out of control. Essentially it works when it feels like it, I cannot turn on or off the unit. I have seen that this is a common problem.

Engine blew at 60000km, poor maintenance on previous owner's part, and poor gas choice on my part. Replacement engine overhaul, 2,000 dollars.

General Comments:

This car has amazing balance, and feels almost glued to the road.

If you are a taller person getting in and out of the car takes a little getting used to, but the interior fits like a glove.

Interior is well designed for easy visibility of all gauges and components.

I love this car, it has a huge amount of power and style. The main drawback is the cost of maintaining the car in proper condition. The RX7 is not a Chevy, you must keep a proper maintenance schedule with this car or expect to have a severe price to pay.

Rotary engines also run hot, I suggest placing a metal air separator tank and new thermostat in the car on purchase.

I have read issues about the suspension being "too firm", but this car was designed as a pure sports car. There are no cup holders or trivial objects to weigh this masterpiece down. The suspension is firm, but not unbearable. Expect sport suspension, not a ride like a Cadillac.

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Review Date: 17th May, 2002

29th Oct 2002, 06:55

An RX7 is my dream car and I'm considering buying one second hand, but have heard/read a lot about the engine's reliability problems. Which year would be more reliable of the 1992 to 1996 RX7?

And if I was to drive it properly without taking the car to the limit like most drivers, would the 'reliability' factor still be a problem for me (considering that the last owner has taken care of the car too)?

I'm in Australia by the way so the cars we get should not be so different if at all. Thanks all.