1992 Mazda RX7 Efini MkIII RS 2.6 twin turbo petrol from UK and Ireland


I challenge you to go quicker for the money!


Intercooler input high pressure duct was split when I bought it - RGS motorsport in Wellingborough built me a custom alloy pipe.

Car also had missing inner arch, and split cooling tower header - both replaced.

All lights failed in first week - due to dry joints in the fuse box.

General Comments:

I got this imported vehicle from specialised dealer and paid 7,500 UK for it. The only thing I had to have done to make it legal in the UK was to convert one of the reversing lights into a rear fog. It is exempt from UK emissions tests.

OK, so it only does 16mpg, and this Efini version will shake your teeth out, but who cares when you can outrun everything bar serious supercars! (and leave puzzled looks in your wake as people you pass try to work out what the devil it is!). These cars are gorgeous :)

Only a handful of dealers are qualified to look at it and most of those won't touch imports, but find yourself a friendly tuning outfit not scared of exotic metal (aluminium in this case) and you'll be OK.

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Review Date: 19th September, 2000

4th Apr 2001, 17:01

There is no 92 model. Which model is yours? FD or FC?

30th May 2001, 07:17

2.6 litre?!? I believe you mean 1.3L Wankel Rotary.

26th Jun 2001, 08:18

Why are you people being so difficult it's a 2.6 for crying out loud, 2 x 1.3L = 2.6L, stop being picky.

It's just easier to say.

Top car by the way mate.

5th Aug 2001, 05:22

The 13B consists of two rotors: 654CC each rotor: that's 1.3 litres.

10th Sep 2002, 22:48

The only 2.6 liter engine is the 26b quad rotor, and I don't know if it is a factory engine, but there are a few custom cars around sporting them. But I seriously doubt whether Mazda would make a 26b RX7, without first making a 22b triple rotor RX7.

13th Jun 2004, 12:57

Lets end this capacity thing!

All UK cars count as 2600cc which is what the engine equates to as a 4 cyclinder engine. The actual measurement is 1300cc, but to compare this with a piston engine is unrealisitic.

Uk cars have 2600cc on the reg docs, some Jap imports, like mine are down as 1300cc and get cheap tax also...

8th Nov 2004, 02:40

The engine is in fact both a 1.3 litre AND a 2.6 litre. The engine is made up from two rotors, each having a physical displacement of 650cc, making a total physical displacement of 1.3 litres. However, a rotary engine produces more power per litre than a piston engine because in a piston engine, intake, compression, ignition and exhaust strokes all occur in the same chamber. In the rotary engine, the chamber is moving, effectively creating separate chambers for 1) Intake 2) Compression and ignition and 3) exhaust. This gives the engine an EFFECTIVE or EQUIVALENT displacement of 2.6 litres, although the actual displacement is just 1.3 litres.

3rd Mar 2007, 12:06

Refering to the first coment mazda started producing the FD in 1991, in Japan.