1993 Mazda RX7 Efini 1.3 Twin turbo from Australia and New Zealand


A wicked looking fast as car


Radiator hose went - clutch went -

General Comments:

Very nice looking car - it stands out with nice 18" chrome mags - its very low - and very quick - it can easily leave Evo/WRX's behind - the main part is you will need to maintain it though use rotary oil from Mazda as the oil heats up very fast - gas is very expensive - its not a everyday driving car you would be best to own a second - but If you look after it and don't thrash it all the time - you will occur less problems.

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Review Date: 27th July, 2003

1993 Mazda RX7 1.3L Twin turbo from North America


This car is faster than it looks


I needed to replace the intake manifold, primary and secondary fuel injectors, and needed new vacuum hoses. The engine will overheat occasionally, and shut off. I believe this is due to a coolant problem that I haven't been able to check out yet. Although, I'm sure once I get it fixed, the car will run smoothly again.

General Comments:

When it's healthy, the car is amazing to drive. Brutally fast, accelerates quickly and smoothly from a stand still, and at highway speeds.

Handling is also a strong point. It moves in the direction you point it to instantaneously.

It is one of the most beautiful cars ever made. It's styling is timeless, and will always be a head turner.

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Review Date: 14th April, 2003

1st Jul 2004, 15:23

Do you even know about rotary motors. It's not everyday driving at all. You race it and turn off the engine after wards. Never let it be on too long. It's not a coolant problem as much people who owns one think. This car is only good to get chicks, race, and look tight.

15th Jan 2005, 02:34

As for the coolant problems, you might want to consider removing the pre-cat. This is the source of most of the RX7's cooling problems.

For more info try www.rx7club.com.

22nd Mar 2006, 14:55

Ignore this person's comments. If him or her is actually an owner of a rotory engined car, or has done research on them, particularly FD RX7's, they'll know that they require proper warm up and cool down periods of a few minutes prior to and after agressive driving.

The aforementioned overheating is a much more serious problem that a simple flush of the cooling system won't solve.

Thankfully, any RX-7's that suffer a "race and turn off" fate will soon be put out of their misery when the engine is shot. Using your poor abused RX-7 to get chicks when its broken down on the side of the road after a "race" won't be easy either.

1993 Mazda RX7 Type R Twin turbo from UK and Ireland


Rotary Rocket



General Comments:

The car can easily outrun Porches costing three times the amount. My girlfriend will testify.

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Review Date: 11th December, 2002

17th Oct 2005, 10:08

Try outrunning a 993 Porsche twin turbo then. That car would cost about three times what yours is worth on the second hand market.

Believe me that car would "BLOW YOU INTO THE WEEDS"!

Try not to make "idiotic claims", it makes you sound like a school child!

2nd Nov 2005, 14:44

To be fair though, you're gonna have to be very accomplished behind a wheel to exploit all 600 horses effectively. And let's face it, those other than the few that would purchase a Porsche, such as this, for enthusiast/track day use, are purchasing it simply for the 'bling' factor.

2nd Oct 2007, 20:19

The Mazda RX-7 is the winning-est model in IMSA racing history; far ahead of Porsche in the record books. It also has an outright Le Mans victory to its credit in 1991. A stock RX-7 13B Twin-Turbo engine also makes more horsepower per cubic inch than any production Porsche ever made. The 3.19 hp per cubic inch that the rotary produces is higher than even the Ferrari F40. In 1993, an RX-7 was found to be quicker around a track than a Porsche 930. Since the model Porsche you refer to is a current issue car, perhaps a fair comparison would be the Japanese Banzai RX-7 with the three rotor 20B engine. The result of such an encounter would undoubtedly leave any Porsche 993 driver realizing that they had just made an eager and presumptuous swing at Bruce Lee in a dark alley.