18th Sep 2003, 17:04

Hey, the Supra is a much faster car than my non-Turbo Rx7. (But the TurboII model of the RX7 is faster than the Supra Turbo). However, the Supra is the Japanese equivalent of a Trans AM - straight line power, but its very heavy and the word nimble cannot appear in the same sentence as the word Supra. (This is for a 1987 Supra).

The Supra I had was loaded with all sorts of frills and electronic gizmos - my base RX7 has nothing whatsoever, just like a sports car should. Plus, its so much more fun to say you drive a rotary and then watch the expression on people's faces..."whats that??"


25th Jul 2004, 14:46

Wells that's very oddd. I have non turbo RX7 and I raced this 87 or 88 Supra WITH turbo and for some reason it lost to my RX7...very strange.

11th Aug 2004, 04:15

Hey bro that was an ace reveiw, that's gonna make me buy that car for sure!!

8th Aug 2006, 14:06


I have the same model as yours, Atmo with no power steering, and it is fun to drive and very sporty. I had a Nissan 200sx s13 before, which was more comfortable and easier to drive, but less fun. Also, the rotary engine, is quite impressive, and most people are enthusiatic about it.

17th Feb 2009, 14:03

Hi, I just read your review and I have an 88 convertible RX7 and I love the car. Your review was perfect for the car, but let me tell you, I live in Colorado and if you want to keep your car on the road, stay away from snow. I can't begin to tell you how if you don't have snow tires, how bad it does in the snow. Very light with a lot of power at the rear wheels, and the stock aluminum racing rims and tires equals very poor performance in the snow. But by far the funnest car I've ever driven.