1988 Mazda RX7 Base 1.3B from North America


A sports car - pure and simple


Nothing has gone wrong with the car, but it has only 44 000 km on it, so it's nothing out of the ordinary!

General Comments:

The car is amazing. It revs till the cows come home! You gotta watch your foot because the engine is vibration free even at 7000 rpm, so if you're not watching you can easily rev it to fuel shutoff point. Amazing.

This car is so nimble that it's darty. Mine doesn't have power steering so the road feel is amazing. The faster you go, the more confident the car feels. It can take sharp curves or long sweepers in 3rd gear, whichever you fancy. The handling in this car is top notch.

The interior is bright, and I'm glad Mazda didn't waste space by putting in two uncomfortable rear seats which will rarely be used anyways. The trunk is really roomy for a small car, and all the controls are user friendly.

At night, the orange instrumentation looks like it came straight out of an F-16.

The engine sounds great and the gas pedal is the most responsive one I have ever driven. I haven't taken it on the winter roads yet, but I'm quite worried about that. The engine revs so easily that I can see myself spinning my tires out in 1st/2nd gear all the time.

Overall this car is great. It's everything a sports car should be, distilled down to its purest form.

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Review Date: 15th September, 2001

25th Nov 2001, 16:14

That was a great review. Which did you like better the supra or rx7?

13th Aug 2002, 18:10

Worried? about an RX7 in the snow? I was too. But buddy, the car drives even better in the snow. Just don't over throttle, remember, real wheel diff. have fun. I miss mine. Wife and kids made me sell it.

If you're looking for a good looking, reliable, and sporty car, this is the closest thing to the poor man's Porsche 944. I give it 3 thumbs up.

1988 Mazda RX7 Coupe 1.3B from North America


A quintessential sports car


Sunroof is off track and won't open.

The dome light and the security system have a mind of their own as to when they actually will work.

The intermittent wipers don't work, and the wipers don't shut off properly.

General Comments:

The performance is great, the car is fast out of the hole and is a flier on the highway.

It gets pretty bad gas mileage, about 17/24, but what do you expect with a sports car?

I am impressed by the engine, it is super smooth, rev happy, and has some torque.

I'll never think of a piston engine the same again...

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Review Date: 18th August, 2001

24th Oct 2002, 21:38

What piston engine??? IT'S A ROTARY!!!

14th Dec 2003, 10:05

In response to the comment above, I believe they are saying that they will never think of a piston engine the same again, because they like their rotary. I had an RX-7 for a short period of time before selling it to my cousin, and I understand what they mean. After driving a rotary, I will never think of a piston engine the same again either. I wish all cars were rotary. My cousin bought mine from me. He drove it *really* hard, which made me nervous. It had 160,000 miles on it at the time. He learned his lesson when he was going 120 on the interstate and the car caught fire. He pulled over, called the fire department, and watched it burn to the ground. He had just left my house, so I know for a fact that his lost contents were almost as much as he paid for the car. He paid me $1,000 for it, but he lost about $400 worth of CDs, a $200 Panasonic CD player, his $200 set of speakers, and a $50 optical mouse that I had just traded him that day. Ouch.

15th Nov 2005, 08:57

Caught fire?? Must have run the coolant dry! They get hot, but not that hot!