27th Apr 2007, 18:57

I own a 1990 RX7 convertible. I have had to replace almost everything in the car including auto tranny which I switched to 5 speed, then the engine went so I street ported it for more power. The leather seats crack horribly; it is going to cost 2000 to redo. I had to replace the whole braking system, master cylinder went and my e brake was stuck on for a month. I replaced the window seals. The paint bubbles a bit and I dunno other than that, I love the car, love the look 17 years old and ppl still think it's a newer car, fast, but no were near the turbo version.. awesome handling! I've taken corners I thought I would spin out on for sure and she pulled through.. and that's about it. If you plan on buying any rotary powered car be prepared to replace the engine. (carbon build up is a b**ch.)

No valves, no pistons, no problems.

29th Aug 2007, 03:48

My '90 Convertible is the second RX-7 for me. My first was a base '83 model. I love these cars. Installing a good stereo is a chore, forget the head-rest speakers, I blew my Boston Acoustics in a week. My solution was to make the center arm rest into a sub woofer box. I get good bass even with the top down, from a small woofer. I had huge problems with the 5 speed tranny. Ended up re-building it for $1500. The car has 155,000 mile on it now, drives great, but has an annoying coolant leak I can't find. The engine is smoking pretty bad at start-up too, worn apex seals I fear. I just bought a 1988 Porsche 930 Turbo, but I'm keeping the Rex, it's worth fixing to me. Turbo swap for the Rex would make it a pretty great Convertible! And yes, the Porsche is frigging amazing hehe!

15th Dec 2008, 20:52

I just bought a 90 RX7 convertible. The guy said he had a new engine put in that had 30000 miles already on it, and ever since the engine swap the car hasn't had its full power potential. I can't even get the tires spinning in first gear. I replaced the Throttle Positioning Sensor. No change. Any ideas why the car is not running correctly?