14th Jan 2005, 01:44

Ford had absolutely no influence on the design or part selection of the RX-8. Do some research before you start spouting off bullch!t.

18th Jan 2005, 15:01

Pulling away in 5th at 20 mph will not do your car any good, and neither will it help your fuel consumption. Yes, the Ford has a lot more torque, but one can expect that from an engine twice the size! The revvy nature of the Wankel engine is something to enjoy, and unlike the Ford, is designed to be used, hence why the Ford is 30% slower off the mark!

It's also nice to see modern manufacturers doing something a little different, in their engineering and styling.

21st Jan 2005, 08:40

20mph in 5th gear on a Ford V6 Duratec and MTX75 gearbox puts the engine at about 1000rpm. The V6 will very happily pull away with no labouring what-so-ever in this configuration providing the throttle isn't opened too far.

The fuel consumption issue is one I am willing to contest. If I drive around town changing gear at 1750rpm (as I need to in my I4 cars) I return an average of approx 25mpg over a 10 mile town run. Changing at 1200rpm (which drops the revs back to about 1000rpm) on the same trip returns me 30.5mpg.

I cannot scientifically contest whether an engine is enjoyable or not. I guess it's horses for courses isn't it? Personally I hate Japanese style engines which rev to the heavens, but cannot be driven quickly any other way. I've always had a fondness for muscle cars personally, and hence I like V blocks for their torque. The Ford V6 revs to 6750rpm, but I rarely go above 4500-5000rpm because I can drive fast without thrashing the engine. I don't like a high pitched racket every time I want to speed up. On the other hand, I do know people who buy Japanese engines specifically because they can rev higher. Fair enough, that's not me.

It seems there are drivers who enjoy a responsive, torquey engine that sounds beautiful, and there are those who like the frantic experience that is the revvy low torque engine.

25th Jan 2005, 17:12

I have to say that comparing the RX8 to a Ford Cougar seems very strange. The Cougar is hardly an enthusiasts vehicle and I would say it's much more middle of the road. People that buy the RX8 are looking for its qualities, and its quirks. These certainly include ringing its neck at 8,000 RPM. I agree the fuel consumption is pretty dire, but you pays your money and takes your choice. The best I've achieved is 27 MPG on a run, the worst is 15 with short local thrashes. Oil consumption is hardly terrible, mines used 1 litre in 2,500 miles. I know VW Golfs that use that much.

On the traction control front, the button is to the right of the steering wheel (RHD models) and is only fully switched off when you hold the button down for about 8 seconds.

27th Jan 2005, 17:41

Hmmm. I was millimetres from buying the RX8. I loved the price, the early reviews of its amazing handling, top stereo fitted, and so on... In the end, worried that the revvy engine would irritate me, I bought a car at the other end of the spectrum - a Jaguar XJR. Every time I get in, I know I made the right choice. Sorry the reviewer had a bad experience. We've all done it, and it's no big deal. It'll just make you love your next big bore car even more. Try the XJR. For your Mazda's money you'll get a mint 4 year old. And it'll blow away any RX8 you might come across. How would that be for therapy?

13th Mar 2005, 14:50

Yes the XJR is fast, no getting away from the fact, but it needs its 4.0 (4.2 in new xjrs) and a supercharger top lugs its big back side off the mark, but just look at the cars, A. They are 2 completely different cars B. there is NO comparison in looks between the 2,the RX8 Wins hands down, unless you 75 years of age then you may be wanting the XJR, and I willing to bet you the RX will leave the XJ for dust on race track, yes we don't drive on a race track, but not all our roads are straight lines and that RX will be pushing and pushing you to get out of the way around every corner, as for the Ford, Ha, lets just say bye bye in every gear to the poor Ford, and they don't look to hot either.

24th Jun 2005, 15:37


The RX8, V6 Cougar and Jag XJR are odd cars to compare. Here's why:

The purpose of the RX8 is not to go round roundabouts in 5th gear. If that's your bag, steer clear of the RX and similar vehicles. The RX8 has rear wheel drive, limited slip differential, 50:50 weight distribution, and a very light engine mounted behind the front axle. All this in the name of handling, which is pin sharp. Combined with 231 BHP of power, it gives a great driving experience, if you like that kind of thing.

The V6 Cougar is a family car with a powerful engine added to make it more interesting. It is practical, economical and sensible compared to the Mazda, while still being desirable and quite fast.

The Jag is a super saloon, a luxury rocket (and British!! Hurrah!!). In a different class to the Cougar and RX8, and much more expensive. Get one and you will have beauty, performance, and luxary in a single package. Don't expect it to outrun "every RX8 you come across", through, not if you plan to go around any corners. There are penalties to having a huge engine in the nose. But that's not what Jag ownership is about.

9th Jul 2007, 21:49

Well I have had an 88 RX7, now I have a 90 Ford Probe GT turbo, and I'm looking at the RX8. You all say it's lacking power and torque. I know my PGT will get me 30 mpg, and it's only got 145 BHP. It's also stomp a mud hole in a lot of other cars out there. I can make a VETTE scared (I love picking on them). Now top end I can't beat them; I top out at around 140 ish. The vette goes far beyond that. My old RX7 was a... how shall I word this.. dog off the line, but past 30mph it's a rocket. It was the none turbo model mind you.

My PGT is the first gen Cougar, I know how they drive and feel. Love them. I also love the ability to race someone and watch them shift gears twice as many times as me. :-) Do you think the RX8 will be a good runner. Who cares? Every one will buy what they want.

I "think" I will buy the RX8 unless I find a decent powered sport coupe 4 door, (my 2 year old) for the same price and performance. I tried the Mazda speed3, didn't fit the cockpit right. It wasn't a good car for me. Yes it had great power and OK room, but not for me...


17th Aug 2007, 07:44

One thing I have learned from working at a car dealership that carries 14 different makes is that they all have cheaply-made interiors. Like Benz really surprised me with that, but after working there I hate them. But like anything else, its all personal preference.