29th Dec 2007, 04:02

I've had my RX-8 for about a year now, it's a 2004 Velocity red touring edition with black & red leather leather & I LOVE THIS CAR!!!

If there is a comparison to be made, please do it with cars of the same "genre"; a Cougar isn't even in the same class, despite any "advantages" someone may feel exist. As stated previously, it really comes down to personal taste.

No, my RX-8 won't catch many states coming off the starting line, but it's how you run (and hence win) the race that really matters, yes?

Every time I drive long distance on the highway there comes along some youngish speedfreak in a Mustang GT or similar vehicle, and you know what? I DUST THEM. And if you throw ANY curves into the mix, then forget it.

The RX-8 handles better than cars twice its cost. And I have driven Porsche 911s and BMW M3s. My car drives like a friggin' jet fighter, is tight in the turns, has very decent power (how much does one really require?) and is very deep-seated & cozy. The controls are located perfectly.

One reason I also chose the RX-8 is that it is made in JAPAN. Sorry, Ford enthusiasts, but Americans, while possessing the ABILITY to make a high quality car, do not do so.

Zoom Zoom.

12th Jul 2010, 03:59

As a fan of Fords and performance cars in general, and a non-owner of both, I will now drop my opinion.

My friend recently purchased a Mazda RX8, and it is a nice bit of kit.

I did have issues with the silver paint on plastic, but overall the interior is fine, with reasonable quality, but a definite striking symmetry, which extends to the exterior look of the car; it is a very pretty thing.

The Cougar is not too bad for something from Ford's transition period into their current interiors, which are much better now. It seems functional for the most part with very little clutter. Leather seats are nice, but I hear they don't keep you in your place - the more uncomfortable cloth seats do, however. The exterior of the Cougar is a little better as it is a pretty thing too, with a mean stance and clean lines, though not quite as aggressive as the RX8s flared arches. Both have a lovely bonnet bulge though!

I had a friend who had an RX7, then an RX8 and then the UK's only (officially imported by) Honda NSX-R. The RX7 was the fiery demon of a car, but the RX8 a little softer around the edges, though easier to live with he said. RX7s still fetch more than some RX8s on Pistonheads, so the enthusiasts know what they pay for is a passion of theirs, so the demand increases and more money gets paid for them.

Cougars are generally cheap as chips, not as thirsty, not as quick, and essentially not as fun I should imagine, because they are FWD not RWD. However, both are 4 seaters and similar sized coupes, each with their own appeal.

Cougars should be looked at as tourers more than sports cars; capable at high speeds with a nice sounding V6, able to cruise motorways with ease.

Cornering, I have heard from owners and reviews, is not bad at all, but obviously in a car this size with FWD, it will be disadvantaged from its RWD competitors.

The 0-60 time of 8.1 in a Cougar means it won't be as quick as a properly-driven RX8, but it will be easier to utilise the power for the average driver; planting the power down efficiently is praise given to the car, and with like for like bhp, I am sure it would fare better. But it doesn't have this, it has a mere 170bhp. Still good for 140mph, this car is definitely at the advantage of a relatively untaxed engine.

In any case, for me a Cougar will be a good buy; I cannot afford to buy or run an RX8 at the moment, and I think it best to let my friend enjoy his car for now :)

Certainly, I enjoy the spins on trips to the gym in the RX8, and my previous cars have led me to prefer RWD overall (Primera eGT, FWD, fantastic car... BMW E30, RWD, sublime and RWD fun is addictive!). However, Ford's FWD cars (Focus, Mondeo etc) have their own sweet FWD charisma, which I could live with in the form of a desirable coupe with a lovely mean stance and a big boot to remind me of my Primera days ;)