4th Nov 2006, 18:57

I just purchase a 04 Rx8 about 2 week ago. With 32k, it seem to run perfectly. My previous car is and still is, a 99 Mitsubishi eclipse gst. Just like the Rx8 many people dog the eclipse. My thing is if you’re getting a sport car, treat it like one. Let the car warm up before ripping through the RPM, check the oil, 93 octane gas. With the Rx8, because of the design, the engine is know to be flooded. Mazda even send out a dvd showing how to take care of the cold start problem. If you want a sport car that “look fast” but reliable, then get a Celica. Driving a sport car is a hobby. A hobby is always time consuming.

11th Nov 2006, 02:03

A DVD explaining how to remedy a flooded engine? Funny, I never got mine.

Driving a sports car is a hobbie that is time consuming? Not necessarily... my Porsche never required special treatment, and never left me stranded.

93 Octane? Well, my 300 hp Mustang takes 87 and I've seen 26 mph on the freeway.

RX8 can be very entertaining under ideal circumstances, to me, is not worth the money, nor headaches.

29th Jun 2009, 15:34

Sorry I know this is off topic, but yeah agree, 95 octane is just normal fuel over here in the UK, and I put super unleaded in my Impreza and it's 99ron!!! (good old Tesco) Sorry just had to add that :) PS the RX8 is an awesome vehicle. Well done Mazda.

22nd Feb 2010, 23:16

Europe and the US use different ratings for octane, US uses AKI, Europe uses RON, Europe's 95 is the same as 91 in US.

1st Jul 2010, 23:30

The Mazda RX-8 requires its owners to pay attention to "care" points such as letting the car warm up (a drag in a cold climate, mildly annoying in warm climate), adding oil, regularly changing oil and filter, etc.

For those of you not needing to just get up and go immediately (all 5 of you), and can forgive needing to add oil on a regular basis and keeping to scheduled maintenance, you will be rewarded with inspired handling.

For a daily in traffic commuter, the RX-8 would suck, the mileage is no bargain, and the car does seem to be sensitive if not finicky.

Is it for everyone, no. Does it give personal satisfaction, yes. Is it a good buy, not really, but when it makes you smile you can forgive it almost everything.

If moments of joy transcending the routine mundane is important to you (like life is in general), then the RX-8 will be a welcome addition, if not, then go get your own poison.