27th Feb 2007, 18:09

Posted before on this. My 2005 RX-8 with 6500 miles is back in service. Though I love the car, the reliability and constant failure will force me to part with it. The current tally of days at service are now at 32 out of the 8 months of ownership and counting. Thoughts of trading it in soured me even further. Seems most dealerships are well aware of the problems and the return on a vehicle purchased new with such low miles shocking. I sold a 7 year old 56k Eclipse for not much less than what was offered me. They fell far short of the "lowest poor condition" blue book/and other car eval site evaluations for my area.

For those thinking about purchasing one, if you have the money and the inclination by all means it has a wonderful feel. Do not drive it with OEM tires in anything, but the most ideal road conditions. even with the addition of all seasons you'd do best to leave it at home.

21st Aug 2007, 14:27

I can add some light to the no start scenario. My 2005 RX8 had just approx 10k miles when it refused to start. After being towed (on a flatbed) to the dealer, I was told it was in a flood condition and I must have done a short hop with it (pulled it out of the garage and then shut it off). It had been sitting for 2 days before I went to leave for work, so no short hops. After a day of diagnoses, the dealer said I needed new longer plugs to get a better fire. 4 months later, they had to be changed again. Love the car, but don't think I can afford the maintenance once the warranty comes off.

1st Nov 2007, 05:02

I have an 2005 rx8, I bought it used with 32000mi and now it has 50000 miles,and I love my 8 the only problem out of it is I can't get the gas cap to seal, and the engine light comes on because of it, iv'e bought a new cap and that fixed the light for a while now its now sealing again. even though its frustrating I still love my 8.

27th Jan 2008, 20:38

Re: the burning smell mentioned above. I have an '05 bought new. I do get a burning smell through the vents (when they are open) after sustained high speed or high rev driving. It seems to be the engine though, more metallic or oil smelling than anything plastic or melting. Does anyone else get this?

By the way, I absolutely love this car. It feels like it's part of your body when you drive it. Maneuvers like those fighter jets on the new Battlestar Galactica. Kinda sounds like one to I imagine.

2nd Apr 2008, 20:14

I think I bought one of the first RX8s to hit the lots in August 2004. I now have 90+K on my baby.

Yes, there have been some issues and my dealership has done fairly well by me. The three recalls were handled quickly and without question while they provided a rental car free of charge (this was while it was still under warranty).

A little more than two years ago I had one tail lens replaced because of water condensation (under warranty), and just this past winter they both began retaining condensation (I need to get this in for repair).

Had an odd odor that was coming into the cabin about three years ago. Between me and the dealership repair tech, we never figured it out. He threw some air deodorizer into the HVAC which helped a little, but the odor continued for a few more months and then just went away on it's own.

Lost the coil a couple years ago at about 55K (warranty expired). The repair cost didn't break the bank.

Got the vapor lock (failure to start) last year from moving the cold (California cold; not cold, cold Colorado cold) car from the driveway to the street. Had to tow it to the dealership for repair. This one cost me some cash although I still have my limbs. They basically told me "Don't do that. If you start it, you cannot turn it off until the engine has run for at least 5 minutes. It's just a design flaw." Right now the car is sitting on the street, because I once again moved it from the driveway and forgot to let it warm up before shutting it off. Now I can't remember what they told me to do to get it started again. It's okay though... my husband is frustrated but we'll figure it out.

I have a love affair going on with this car. It is an extension of me when I'm driving. It responds in exactly the way that I want it to when I want it. It fits me like a glove. There is a lot of room for forgiveness in my heart. If you don't have that kind of relationship with your car, then you won't have the patience. If you need a reliable commuter car that gets you from here to there with no excitement, then why are you interested in this performer? I wish there weren't any annoying issues, but it's worth the price to me. I don't want any other car. Don't even want to trade up to a newer model. Yep, I'm an RX8 girl through and through. Zoom Zoom.

5th Jun 2008, 00:04

I am considering purchasing a 2005 or 2006 RX-8. I went to the dealership today 6/04/08 and absolutely cannot stop thinking about how sexy this car was. On top of that, I am just learning to drive manual and I could not believe how easily this car shifted. I have read most of the comments that you all have left and honestly feel the same way I did when I left the dealership. IN LOVE. Are there any problems with the vehicle aside from flooding and or speed? Please let me know!

Eager individual.

19th Jun 2008, 20:31

I'd think twice about the RX-8. The fuel efficiency of rotary engines is VERY poor, and there are far better (and less expensive) sports cars out there.

The Miata and Solstice are just as fast, much more economical, and will last much longer than the RX-8.

The Ford Mustang costs thousands less, and is an incredible car if you need to haul more than 1 passenger.

My experience with the RX-7 was enough to scare me off rotary engines forever. It was one of the worst, most unreliable cars I've ever owned. I traded it for a V-8 Mustang with 139,000 miles on it, and never regretted it for one second. Even with all those miles the Mustang was MUCH faster, very solid, totally reliable and got just as good fuel mileage.

13th Jul 2008, 16:46

Today being July 13th, 2008 I decided to go car shopping. I was considering the Mazda RX3, gas being the big issue these days. However, once I started the shopping I couldn't take my eyes off the RX8. I'm totally in love and feel it may finally be time to spoil myself slightly and get a sporty car. I've read many comments and obviously there are mixed reviews which I suspect comes with any car. I was talking to the dealer and he mentioned something that nobody seems to have mentioned.

1. When starting the car, you should hold the key until the car engine has fully revved up / started. He says many people don't do this and the car has a tendency to flood.

2. Before stopping the car you should rev the engine to 5000rpm and then turn the key to shut down the engine. Again, my understanding was due to flooding / starting challenges. This is what he says should be done.

Thought I'd share that bit of information, find out if anyone actually does that and I'm going Tuesday to take the car for a test drive. It's a second hand 2005 with 23,000 km's. Discourage me or encourage me?