9th Aug 2009, 06:45

The rotary engine : some facts, in 1967 - 68, 69, the NSU Ro 80 used a rotary engine in its model. German drivers of these cars used to put the number of fingers up to each other, indicating how many engines they had used up so far. Mostly, you could forget it after 25,000 KILOMETERS (16 thousand miles). So that should ring a bell, already.

Further on, if you buy a second hand rotary, with low mileage,... strange. It probably has problems. You have to grease the ends of the 'cone' inside, once in a while. I went on autoscout24.com (Europe), and it is LOADED with second hand, low mileage RX-8's. You stumble upon the enormous amount of low priced vehicles of that kind. All of the above, makes me suspicious. But buy a new one, take VERY regular and correct maintenance, and you just might get lucky.

30th Dec 2009, 04:55

I have completed quite an extensive amount of research on this car for more than two years now. I owned a E36 M3 3.2, and that was a money pit. Probably if not maintained it will be unreliable. From that point I bought an S2000. Great car to drive and is very reliable. I do not have anything negative to mention about the S2000. BUT the main reason why people sell their S2000 is because it's missing back seats and so forth. I vouched for the RX8 in the end because it pretty

much filled the void of owning an S2000, with the practicality and extra features that the S2000 did not have.

As for fuel consumption, many people always complain about that the RX8 drinks a lot of fuel as well as oil. If they did their research, then they could minimize both the oil and fuel consumption. On a highway trip I have averaged about 9 liters per 100km. And when driving around the suburbs, a good 13+ liters per 100km. And I keep a close eye on the oil levels every 2nd fill.

I did my research from here:


It's the way to go when it comes to finding out more information about the RX8.

Would I recommend one?