2004 Mazda RX8 from North America


A comprimise - should be two seats and 280hp.


Folks, when it comes to starting issues, the Rotary is to blame. However, you are all spending too much money in fixing these cars.

If you have a starting issue it is probably because of a short run time in your previous run with the car. If you use this car to run out and get some milk then shut the car off for hours you will have a starting issue as with previous generation rotary engines. Let the car reach optimal temps for a time before shutting it down. Your next start will be flawless. The older it gets the worse it will be. Previous RX-7 I owned I would carry a sparkplug socket, and would invariably have to remove a plug turn over the ignition with one plug out to blow out unburned fuel if I made the mistake of a short run, then let it sit.

General Comments:

If you treat this car with some respect and understand that it is a little stubborn sometimes, you will be rewarded with a beatiful driver of a car. But remember to take the minivan to the corner store, and the RX-8 for the long winding drive, and all will be fine.

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Review Date: 9th December, 2005

10th Dec 2005, 04:02

A very well resuming review of the RX8 ownership. This isn't a car to drive in the city while expecting nice mpg or to "just get in and go" without checking the oil level first. This thing is meant to be driven (occasionally at 8000 rpm) around twisty lanes and as such is a brilliant car. However I do not agree with the title ("a compromise: should be 280 hp and two seater"). It is brilliant PRECISELY because it is a compromise: a pure sports car for four persons to have a blast in. As such (and for the price) I cannot think of something more involving. Happy motoring!

2004 Mazda RX8 6 speed 1.3 Rotory from North America


Great car I would recommend


The left rear tail light had to be replaced due to moisture getting inside. It was covered by warranty.

General Comments:

The car handles better than anything I have driven, including my brother's BMW's.

It could use an inch or two more legroom and have the steering wheel a bit closer. Otherwise, it is the perfect car. A blast on the back roads, but great as a daily driver.

Everyone complaining about the gas mileage (I average around 19-20mpg with mixed driving) and the tire wear needs to buy a Honda or Buick. It is a sports car and there are some higher mileage tire alternatives available. You don't have to replace them with what came on it (140 tread ware!!! 300 to 280 tread ware tires are available).

Also, I have a job where I have to move my car out everyday. I start it up, move it about 50 feet and turn it off. It starts up every time. I have not experianced the problem that some mention.

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Review Date: 19th November, 2005

2004 Mazda RX8 from North America


Don't buy one


Replaced headlights because they were cloudy inside.

Replaced left tail light because of scratches.

Replaced warped piece above the glove box.

Replaced black door strips between the front and back doors on both sides, because of scratches and dents.

Replaced complete wipers. Faded out.

Fixed dents and scratches that were there when purchased, but was told the car was in perfect condition.

Alignment bad when received. Fixed alignment.

First time I used the air conditioner, there was a burning smell. Burnt compressor replaced.

Gas tank recall.

Manual shift paddles would stick and not shift up. Worked intermittently. Replaced springs and contacts.

Not shifting down into first when in manual when it came to a stop. Replaced some trans switches.

Goes into 4th gear at 29mph when in automatic. They say that is good??? How can it be good to lug the engine. Manually I would be in 2nd or 3rd.

Makes 12 mpg!

General Comments:

When a company puts a sticker on a window stating 18 round town, and 24 freeway, that is what it should do. My old car a Mustang GT 2002 stated 16 around town, and that it what it did or better.

I bought car for 3 reasons.

1. Automatic (drove stick for 20 years).

2. To get better gas mileage.

3. The style and look of car.

I drive more in manual to see if I can make better mileage, but this doesn't happen. Bought the car for the automatic.


I have gotten 10.91 mpg on a tank and once almost 15 mpg. I was thrilled with the 15 mpg, but that hasn't happened again. One long distance trip I got 19. Drive mostly around town. The average for this car is 12-12.5 mpg.. This is unacceptable!!

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Review Date: 30th October, 2005

1st Nov 2005, 08:50

So let's resume: you bought an automatic, rotary-engined high performance (capable of at 8500 rpm) RX 8 to mainly use it in the city and save on gas?!

4th Nov 2005, 18:26

I'm a Mazda salesman and the gas mileage rating on this car is 18/24. It's not good, but better than 12. I agree, when I had my demo, I could fill it up at 150 miles a tank or 7.9 mpg. I disliked this car to a great degree just because of the oil consumption and gas mileage. As a Mazda salesman I say: "Don't buy one."