2nd Apr 2006, 13:47

I agree, this is truly a beautiful car.

As for a two seater and more horse power; if that's what you want, wait for the next RX7 model to come out. Rumors state you will see it in 2007.

The starting issue is caused usually in colder climates on the RX8. Taking the plug out on the RX7 is way extreme, even dumb, when all you have to do is pull the easy to reach injection fuse out, turn the car over to burn off the gas, and put the fuse back in.

This problem usually did not present itself until the engine seals were starting to wear over 100,000 miles on the RX7. If your 04 RX8 is having this problem, there is a recall on the computers, I believe only on the manual transmissions getting only 10 mpg. The computers are re-tuned for better gas mileage, and will also help with this problem.

Other ways to stop this is if it is cold out and you're just backing it up, no time for warm up; rev the RPM up to about 7000 RPM and shut off the key. This will burn off the gas and prevent flooding, as the Mazda dealer should have told you when the car was purchased.

I have owned an 88 RX7 for 15 years now, and have restored it myself, installing a brand new engine and many modifications. Also I own an 89 turbo, and will be buying a 95 twin turbo, and my parents bought a 04 RX8. I list this for credibility, and wonder what kind of experience the people knocking these cars have.

Again, this is a beautiful car with so much to offer, and in my mind it's the most perfect comfortable 4 door made today.

Do not get scared off by posts if you are thinking of buying a RX8; let yourself decide, But if it is an 04 model, make sure it has all recalls done before purchase, and always on any vehicle, check your oil whenever you have time at the gas station.