6th Nov 2006, 14:39

Like the previous post, I had (2) earlier RX7 cars and they were superb. Neither every used (burned) any oil at all, and the cars got decent gas mileage. I have owned Supras, Z300s, and the Mitsubishi twin turbo, and the RX7's were the most fun cars of all to drive. Apparently, based on all these posts regarding the RX8, the newer Mazdas have regressed. I will pass on any car that has to have oil added every 500 miles (unless it has 550 HP and turns the quarter mile in 10 seconds).

6th Nov 2006, 15:29

For anybody that is interested in purchasing a new RX-8.

I'm a new owner of 05. Poor gas mileage 10-14 mpg, oil consumption of 1 quart per 800 miles, AC does not cool the vehicle and heater does not warm the vehicle are some of the issues I've encountered in the 3400 miles I've driven the vehicle.

Vehicle has started to stall when coming to a stop.

Purchased the vehicle as a last years model still on the lot 70 miles at time of purchase. Have had all recalls and services applied.

Would love the car if these issues were resolved. As it stands my confidence in the vehicle is not there.

Dealer says Mazda will not pay for vacuum test as it was originally stated in the recall to identify if there is an engine problem.

11th Nov 2006, 01:47

After bringing my 04 in for the recall, it stalled like 5 times on the way home. After a week the dealer couldn't find the problem... so I sold it. Absolute crap.

4th Feb 2007, 14:37

I have a 05 RX8...it uses oil, but not quite as much as it uses gas... I recently checked the oil and found the entire dipstick full of what looked like a chocolate milk shake. I suspect that the oil seal has failed at 14k miles.

I just took it to the dealer. I am bummed by this, and am afraid I made a big mistake buying this car. I'll see what Mazda says.

10th Jun 2007, 07:09

I purchased my 2004 RX8 this year February 2007 with 29000 miles, the car absolutely is a great piece of art work. So far it is still under warranty and as the usual I maintain the car to date with all the maintenance.

However before the purchase I started learn the difference from the RX7. I can really admit that the changes done to the engine were almost 38% decreased.

Why create & decrease the respect of the rotary engine when it is known by many owners that these engines could have been increased to a better quality.

Eventually my uncle had a 95 RX7 Infinity Twin Turbo... and I can admit that his car was the beast of all beasts until he believed he could almost fly with the car. No joke. May he rest in peace for that his knowledge with rotary engines I can really admit was the greatest teacher and mechanic known in Puerto Rico.

I bought my Rx8 in respect for him for that it's our tradition in our family being rotary owners, almost everyone in the family has one.

The point I'm trying to state is that for the price we RX8 owners pay, we definitely deserve some more respect for that the name of the car really means something to all of us that are in love with the creation of a Rotary Engine.

I just hope they will consider all the negative feedbacks from the 2004-2007 and improve the model for 2008 which I heard it is still under as a concept. But I believe it can reborn the respect and gain back the love for those people who distrusted Mazda.

Once again, for those who own an RX8, treat the engine with respect and it will definitely show you how much it can take. Do the monthly check up required and you will see that the engine is not just a regular Honda, Mitsubishi, Hyundai or any other cheap engine.

7th Feb 2008, 04:12

I bought my RX8 in November 2003 and so far:

Does around 23 to the (UK) gallon - this equates to 17-18 mpg with US gallons...

The starting problem has happened 5 or 6 times now, each time bar one the recovery guy has fixed it, but once it had to be towed to the Mazda garage.

Oil - it doesn't use that much.

Oil leak - yesterday I discovered it had a major oil leak, am awaiting recovery to deliver to Mazda garage - worrying, hopefuly it's just a leaking pipe and not something more serious.

I like the car, and the kids love it, only thing I don't like is the poor mpg, which is way more relevant now with the price of fuel. Would prefer if it made a more exciting/sexy sound, it's quiet and smooth, which is pleasant, but not much fun!

8th Nov 2008, 15:25

So I have read all the comments everyone has left about oil. Well it seems like some people bought the car for its looks, because if you research the car, it tells you it burns a lot of oil.

I have had my Mazda RX8 since 2004, and it's been good to me. I do all the oil changes myself, just cuz you can't trust anyone now days, and to tell you I now have 75000 miles on it, so I guess some people should look into doing some stuff yourself, but I was an automotive tech, so maybe I’m doing all the right things.

6th Feb 2009, 14:37

Recently bought a 2008 RX8 with only 800 miles on the clock ; it was a demo model in a garage that did not have too many people interested in sporty cars.

So far it has been superb! Does not use as much oil as you might think and is fast, when you keep the revs up! Not too many of them over here in Northern Ireland so it is a topic of conversation at work! Have previously owned BMWs, Audis, Nissans and Toyotas. This is the best so far.

HOWEVER, really drinks petrol, I would say it is an alcoholic for petrol, easy!

Road tax in this part of the UK is also high (£400 per year) and insurance isn't too cheap either, but I still love it!!!

7th May 2009, 20:49

I have an 05 Mazda RX8 that I bought new.

I have had the squeaky brakes and learned to live with them.. I hate it but learned to live with it.

I had the car to not start for the first time December of 08. Had it brought in for the first time to get fixed. Now in May of 09, for the first time since I've had it, the oil light started to come on for no reason. Just learned it should be using oil. It has never done this before, why start now. I don't want to drive it 600 miles, pull over to the side of the road and add oil. What happened to changing your oil every 3000 miles, which I do. This car I drive part time, I have other cars I drive. Just wondering why it started burning more oil now?

5th Jul 2013, 17:10

I have the same problem with my Mazda RX8 2004 model. It cuts out when you stop after an hour's drive! Help.