19th May 2006, 13:07

"Very crisp throttle response"

Crisp my white Irish patoot. There's nothing crisp about the Rx-8's acceleration...it's got absolutely NO low end. Add to that the fact the wankel goes through a lot of oil and you've got yourself an also-ran.

1st Jun 2006, 07:30

I suspect from these comments that those posting them have probably never driven one!

1st Jun 2006, 12:05

"I suspect from these comments that those posting them have probably never driven one!"

Or, you know, we've all driven one (at least I have), and no, there isn't any low end.

5th Jun 2006, 15:04

June 6th 2006,test drove 231bhp rx8,use the revs, plenty of bottom end, and keeps going, bought the thing...

12th Jun 2006, 08:17

Sir - the stick that is near your right leg actually changes the gearing of the car. Try a lower gear and you will find the acceleration is just great. Many drivers who are addicted to the V8 are apparently unaware of the useful nature of that strange stick.

Note: It is highly recommended that you use the clutch in association with that stick (the pedal on the left).

19th Jun 2006, 16:07

The RX8 is a fabulous car. Though there are some issues with 2004 and early build 2005 models. Most problems are flooding issues which can be taken care of with a flash update and a faster turning starter.

Performance wise this car is a blast to drive. But since it is a Rotary engine is DOES NOT behave like a typical piston engine. One must learn to drive a RX8 and it does take some practice to learn to drive the car within its power band. And YES it does use oil. This is a NORMAL process since this rotary purposefully injects oil into the combustion area to lubricate seals.

I have driven almost everything on the road and to date the RX8 is the best handling car. Are there cars that can take a turn faster? Yes, but they don't recover as well as an RX8 does. Not to mention the RX8 is very forgiving and takes punishment well.

So future RX8 owners would I stay away from 2004's and early build 2005's, yes if the updates have not been done. Otherwise the newer ones are damn near perfect!

21st Jun 2006, 08:45

I really hate that everyone here is saying no "low end". When I went to test drive this car, I wasn't expecting "low end". Do you want to know why? BECAUSE THIS CAR ONLY HAS A 1.3 LITER ENGINE. When you want a car that has low end go buy a Mustang or a GTO, but don't complain about this car when its never been advertised as having good amounts of torque.

I've driven both a GTO and now this, and I was MUCH more impressed with the handling AND acceleration than the GTO. Unless you know how to drive a GTO well, I doubt you could beat this car. Too much torque white smokes tires while this car is leaving you in the dust (for at least a little while) with its amazing grip to the road. I took a 90 degree out from a light and hit 45 before the end of the turn, and never felt it budge from the road, all I did was over-compensate because no other car I have driven would have held it together like that.

I have not bought one of either, so I don't know any mechanical issues it may have. But I do know that I've been converted from big fat muscle to smooth performance.

(Also, on a straight road, I beat an inexperienced GTO driver, for a good 300 feet I might add, with my CELICA... yes that's right. My economy 4 cylinder.)

6th Feb 2007, 17:50

Fair enough... on a Sunday morning, on a winding road with no traffic in sight, the RX-8 is an enjoyable plaything. (Assuming its engine hasn't flooded and you can get it out of the garage.)

But by giving it room for four, and those silly half doors (which don't really work well in the real world), Mazda set the expectation that this car can be used as a daily driver. Additionally, I'd argue that no modern car (daily driver or otherwise) should suffer from the number of quality and reliability flaws that this car has.

Finally, think there are much more rewarding cars out there for weekend use. Some more expensive (Elise, Boxster), but if you're buying a sports car for leisure time use only, money probably isn't a very big issue.

19th Mar 2007, 02:36


OMG I don't think most of you people who make stupid comments on the RX-8 know about rotary engines, but I credit the people who know how to drive one and would've agreed to what I'm saying.

Mazda RX-8 is a fine car.

However it has plenty of power for a 1.3 engine/6 speed and is very attractive (especially the suicide doors THAT DO WORK PERFECTLY).

Regular service is needed like any other car.

Mazda would not put a car out on the market to spoil its reliable reputation.

Mazda produce the best cars for it's price, RX-7 was a success and now it's RX-8 turn.

Rotary ain't an issue unless you have no knowledge about it and choose to use it the wrong way, might be a bit higher to maintain, but that's the beauty of a high performance car that's innovative.

I have had my RX-8 for 2 yrs now, no problems what so ever BECAUSE I KNOW HOW TO DRIVE ONE, the only one problem I have is that I can't get out of the vehicle it's that fun.

Mustang is a good vehicle, but is old news so many cars can be compared to it.

RX-8 is the latest news.

'Powerful & sexy' with its rotary engine (so different).

It's a very reliable car if you know how to drive it.

RX-8 has made Car and Driver magazine's 10 Best list for three years in a row as the best sports coupe.

The interior is not cheap at all actually top quality, and for a sports car at that price you are getting more than you pay for.

Mazda RX-8 interior is better than a Ferrari interior although we can't really compare it to one.

If you looking for more, pay more.

Please learn how to drive the RX-8 before you talk rubbish, this ain't any car.

It's unique non other like it.

I think most people who talk rubbish about it can't afford it and as someone mentioned before they maybe never even driven one or can't handle this baby's heat.

If your buying a second hand model make the right selection, as you know not many people know how to drive one and would've not taken care of it.

27th Mar 2007, 01:58

Thank you for all the comments they were useful.

Can someone explain to a novice, how the RX8 should be driven, so many people have expressed, the only way to drive it is to drive it right, but never went on to explain how you drive it right.

Thank you.

29th Mar 2007, 22:26

Basically, you have to rev the engine as if you hate it. Anything less and it's as weak as an economy car.

2nd Jul 2007, 14:30

I purchased a new 2005 RX8 on November 28th of 2005. I have had nothing, but problems with the car. At 3,000 miles the radiator blew, at 3500 miles the engine mounts went along with the brakes and just last week at 8025 miles, one of the engine fans went and caused the relay switches to burn out. I wish I had never purchased this vehicle and it will be the last Mazda I ever buy.