21st Mar 2007, 10:35

Every American car magazine who has had an RX-8 has had the SAME consistent issues mentioned on these boards, starting with its horrible gas mileage relative to its engine size.

Mazda is known for quality cars (like the amazing Mazda 3), but the RX-8, no matter how great a drive, is more akin to owning a Ferrari with its unexplainable quirks and faults.

29th Mar 2007, 01:25

Yeah, but I don't think Americans should drive an RX8, they aren't designed to drive in snow as the person above mentioned.

Unless driven in summer.

The climate makes a difference, in warm countries the RX8 is known as a reliable car.

Seems like only frosty countries RX8 "may" seem to be the problem.

If driven in snow, warm the car up for a minute or two. Otherwise I wouldn't even drive it in that climate condition.

Rotaries work very different from ordinary engines, so that's why you should learn about it before buying one.

Otherwise this a superb car, especially in hot climate countries

29th Mar 2007, 01:34

Ohhhhhh I forgot to mention.

Of course rotaries need more fuel and oil, it's not a problem it's the way it was designed for high performance.

You can't compare a V8 to a 1.6 engine.

They are different.

One is fuel economic and the other has power and speed.

This does not mean rx8 has faults, it's built different for different reasons.


It's the nature of the car.

If you want to save money on fuel buy an Hyundai excel, but don't expect to have a high performance car to do it.

Especially rotary engines... La Dee DA.


29th Mar 2007, 11:19

You may be right, but some US car magazines are located in California and still have the same problems.

But its does beg the question as to why Mazda would build a car that won't work properly in its home market of Japan.

29th Mar 2007, 22:29

I disagree. My big American V8 gets 21 mpg mixed, and puts out 300hp. My RX8 averaged about 19 mixed, and put out only 238 hp.

1st Aug 2007, 01:26

I really can't recommend the RX8 to anyone. The car itself is great; Mazda reliability all the way, but the rotary engine they put into it is just plain useless. I even had the down tuned 192 hp version for fuel economy and reliability (I thought, that is). The fuel economy is just a joke, and using it as an everyday car is not recommended unless you have endless financial resources. I'd guess it's cheaper to keep a supercar like a Ferrari on the road. I'm not completely off the tracks here since my previous daily driver was a 97' Carrera 2 which I drove more than 120.000km over 5 years, and all it needed were brakes, and in the end a new clutch at about 160.000km when it was replaced by the Mazda (bought new).

Compare this to two new RX8 engines, both outside warranty in less than 85.000km, and you'll see my point.

These engines are that bad, and I know my story is not exceptional. The rotary engine specialist that rebuilt both times admitted that these engines do not cope with regular everyday use like starting and stopping the engine several times a day, every day come sun, rain or snow. Especially in cold weather they wear badly, and after a year or two you have to add a jug of oil every week, and they smoke like a 20 year old car.

6th Jun 2008, 13:44

I love my car. But it makes a sound when I'm in nuetral. Sounds like a throw out bearing. Please help.

16th Oct 2009, 13:57


Are you still driving your Mazda and making insulting and erroneous comments about Americans?

I must say that every RX8 that I saw had a very cheap looking interior complete with silver paint around the instrument bezels instead of chrome or brushed aluminum trim.

By the way - you are probably jealous of the great cars we drive in the USA.

15th Dec 2009, 08:40

Have you ever heard of power to weight ratio... What's the 0-60 on your truck?

16th Dec 2009, 01:46

In response to the above comment, yes... I have heard of the term "power to weight ratio"; and my V8 was in a Mustang GT, not a truck. Its 0-60 was in the low 5-second range. Significantly quicker than my RX-8 was.