6th Mar 2005, 20:31

I have a 2001 V6 Mazda Tribute. The transmission has failed at 58,000klms. And of course the warranty expired 3 months ago.

So far Mazda are not even acknowledging that there has been a problem with this transmission - despite finding plenty of other disgruntled Mazda Tribute & 626 owners (along with Ford Escape owners who share the same tranny).

I had the car serviced from new by a Mazda dealer and had a major service just prior to the warranty expiring. I mentioned that the automatic was "clunky" but they said not to worry - "its just the 4WD". I also had an end of warranty inspection done by a motoring body - "all clear - sound mechanically" - that was less than 8,000 klms ago.

I had an oil change done by Ultra Tune in Australia at 50,0000klms, because Mazda was booked up for ten days and I wanted an oil change before heading off on holidays - and they too put a big tick in the check transmission fluid box.

Now Mazda are saying that they would have done a transmission flush at 50,000- even though it doesn't show up in the log book service manual - so it is all my fault. Ultra Tune are saying they did a log book service and that it was OK.

As usual it is the poor consumer who is left to suffer.

Last Mazda for this family (and anyone else I can tell my story to!)

18th Oct 2006, 11:01

With no warning, my 2003 Ford Escape 3.0 duratec engine now has a hole in the engine block (at 53000 km). Its warranty finished in May 2006.

12th Jan 2007, 16:17

I own a 2002 Tribute ES-V6, and it has been nothing, but a thorn in my side from day 1:

5k miles - Engine DIED on me inexplicably. Mazda replaced it, but had no clue what caused it to croak.

7k miles - Transmission was leaking. Mazda "repaired" it.

7.5k miles- More leaking transmission. Mazda replaced it.

8k miles - "Clanking" noise when driving. Requested new car. Mazda acknowledged my letter, but failed to give me any offer aside from an extra 1k miles on my warranty.

24k miles - front right steering column started squeaking BADLY, and was replaced. (Just missed the lemon law!)

25 - 45k miles - engine light intermittently comes on, and the dealer repeatedly finds NOTHING wrong with the car.

55k miles - Got a new head unit for my ipod and discovered that the WRONG wiring system was in it. The people who built it installed an '01 wiring system, not the '02.

60k miles - engine was making a fluttering noise. Turns out the manifold was cracked. $1000.

61k miles - (today) the engine light came back on 2 miles after getting the new manifold put in. I brought it back to my mechanic today. Turns out my 02 sensors are shot, and it's going to cost me just under $500 to replace those.

Sooooo, I say STAY AWAY from the Mazda Tribute. Mine has been nothing, but a major money pit. I have friends who bought cars from the 80's with 200k miles on them and have had fewer problems than I have.

28th Feb 2007, 10:31

2001 Mazda Tribute ES -When you reach 40k, it's wise to sell!

I paid top-dollar for this vehicle with every possible option, hoping I could drive it for at least 100k. All was good until about 40k miles then it began. First many little issues that were frustrating, but you get nailed for the high diagnostic fee-still cheaper than the deductible on the extended bumper-to-bumper warranty. If only they all occurred at the same time. So it starts with moon roof not opening/closing. Then fog lights go. Then various idiot lights come on (but nothing found wrong after diagnostic fee paid). Then seat belt buckles, pcv hose, battery, etc. Mind you I change oil every 2-3k, get tune-ups, change filters, drive gently and the vehicle is garaged. Then twice the vehicle just died while driving in the middle of traffic. At 70k the alternator went which was $800 due to high labor because EVERYTHING on a mazda is in a 'special' place unlike most vehicles. For example, to change the alternator the axle had to removed! Now at 75k the whole transmission needs to be rebuilt due to 'mechanical failure'. I thought I'll fix it and keep it because what else could go wrong, but after reading these other reviews, I'm repairing and selling it before the engine goes. Buyer Beware!!!

29th May 2007, 12:15

Let me tell you about my 2003 Mazda B 4000 Dual Sport. I was well satisfied all the way to 69990 miles. The gas mileage was about 18 city, 20+ highway.

My wife and I retired, bought this new truck and off we went fishing the SE. Changed oil and filter each 5000 miles. At 70,000 miles Good Year tires purchased on truck still have many miles left.

At 69990 the timing chain guard came loose. It busted the guide and bent 6 valves and knocked a hole through the valve cover. My truck was in a dealership for 20 days, they offered no assistance of any kind. Finally they told me that I needed a new motor. It was installed and turned over to me for a cost of $5307.00 on May 16, 07. Mazda North America has not agreed to help us with the cost. Ford doesn't say anything. The motor was made by Ford.

10th Jun 2007, 17:59

After a great deal of comparisons my wife and I decided on a 3.0 V6 Luxury Pack, fantastic service by the sales and finance team HOWEVER. Picked up the car on Sat 9th of June, Sunday 10th of June at 275km, no cruise control and door ajar warning light comes on, check all doors all closed. At 350Km transmissions loses drive accompanied by mechanical noise, 500km transmission loses drive again. The next time the car leaves the garage will be back to the dealers probably for it'd final trip as my car. Mazda reliability, I don't think so, my '93 LR Discovery with 280K on the dial is more reliable.

10th Jul 2007, 09:18

We purchased our 2001 Mazda Tribute 4wd ES - new and had 5 dealer services to fix defective seat belt sensors causing the Air Bag Warning Light to light. We changed oil every 3000 miles, replaced the brakes twice and had no other major services. But now at 94000 miles the transmission suffered a catastrophic failure 50 miles from home, stranding my wife and 7 year old. The transmission dip stick has metal filings in the oil and the car won't move. There was no warning or other signs of trouble before the failure. The tranny will cost $3000.00 to rebuild here in California at a transmission shop. I expected more from this car. (Our last Mazda)

22nd Jul 2007, 08:37

I have a Tribute ES 4x4 with 69,000 miles. While in cruise on the interstate, the transmission instantly slipped out of drive and will now only go into park. And parked it is, permanently. That is, until I spend $3,500 for a rebuilt transmission...NOT! I am buying a new car and everyone can bet it will not be a Ford or Mazda. Buyer Beware~