8th Mar 2007, 21:30

We bought a used 2002 Mazda Tribute DX with 2.0 litre engine and with 5 speed standard transmission.

At 70,000km we had to replace front brakes and rotors and 4 new tires.

At 74000 km we had to install a new clutch assembly for $700.00 due to shudder when changing gears.

At 90,000km replaced seized emergency brake cables with $350.00 cost.

At 95,000km this SUV broke down in Florida with faulty alternator with $600.00 repair bill.

Trim is poor and cheap. Plastic hood chrome trim piece cost $120.00 to replace. Triangular black plastic piece on rear window broke at $44.00 cost.

Vehicle is very noisy on the road.

This is a poorly made vehicle and I would not recommend it to anyone.

Does anyone know if Mada will cover any of these costs.



10th Jun 2007, 11:50

Note that LHD Tributes are not made in Japan. Expect quality of US built product to be inferior.

UK and ROI cars don't have the quality problems mentioned above.

5th Sep 2007, 09:13

At 51,000 miles my 2004 Mazda Tribute had transmission failure requiring it to be replaced -- at my expense. The standard warranty expired at 50,000 miles. Let me say I am very disappointed in the quality of this vehicle and that I would not recommend buying one -- new or used. This car was "babied", kept in a garage, never asked to tow anything, basically used to commute back & forth to work and haul the kids to and from sporting activity.

24th Jan 2008, 19:32

January 24th.

I had to have my oil pan gasket replaced under warranty and because I was smart enough to be using synthetic oil. Mazda would not pay for synthetic oil to go back in. So they put the same oil back in and left my down in oil.

19th Jul 2008, 08:31

I bought a new 2002 Mazda tribute and it has been the worst experience of my life. I have had constant electrical problem with it. First it was the blower motor for the air conditioning. Then, within the first year I had to have the front wheel bearings changed. Then the alternator went bad and had to have it changed at a cost of almost $550.00. Since then, the alternator has gone bad 4 more times, and it is now in the driveway waiting for a tow truck to take it back to the dealership again. WHAT A LEMON. I had enough of this Mazda and am trading it in for a TOYOTA. 704-649-7176.

22nd Jan 2009, 14:10

My daughter bought a 2002 Mazda Tribute and it had just about 100,000 miles on it. She really liked it and had good luck with it.

One day her room mate ran a curb and cracked her transmission on the bottom. Going through the plastic skid plate. After finding this out, we thought it was the oil pan cover and we could replace it with just a simple service. No, the pan and filter is on the side of the transmission. It cracked the casing. Well we JB welded it and it is fine, but the problem is, it is temporary for now. I have a problem with the design and think that it was a bad way to do the transmission design. The car is very low and the transmission is actually in the bad spot. It hits first. So, other than that, the car has done her real well, and yet the air conditioner is bad as well too, but if that is all, the car has done her great. Sorry for all the trouble.

3rd Mar 2009, 20:08

Took possession of 2002 Mazda Tribute DX FWD five speed manual in early January 2009. Styling cues are very sharp. However, repairs to vehicle were required to transfer ownership.

Here goes: New tires (typical of 165km), ball joints; both sides. Tie rods, both sides. Brakes all way round (normal). E-brake cable (which still sticks). Rear glass hinge, and exhaust flange. Total $$$ was $2550.00 CDN.

Now I have a check engine light; code read an O2 sensor failure.

The point is, the 2002 Mazda Tribute is actually a FORD!! The only thing Mazda is the strong motor. The rest; chassis, interior, body, transmission is FORD. I ran a 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier to 301100 km with no major problems except regular maintenance.

I hope this is not a harbinger of endless repairs going forward.

10th Sep 2009, 07:45

I have a 2002 Mazda Tribute ES and it served us great until it hit over 100,000 miles. Now it seems like a never ending repair bill. We are in the process of buying a new vehicle since we don't want to keep pouring money into the Tribute anymore. I loved my Tribute and would buy another one... but it doesn't seem to last well and something starts going on it; it seems to open a can of worms. We seemed to constantly replacing brakes, tie rods had to be replaced, tires, several coils, now my AC hose is leaking and needs to be replaced and my check engine light is on - code read O2 sensor.

The kicker now is the cable to my door handle has snapped and the drivers side car door can only be opened from the outside... a real pain in the neck!

I have been disappointed in how this car has held up over time. I hope my next car serves me a bit better. They just don't seem to make cars like they used to!

28th Jul 2011, 15:41

Was this a standard or an auto?

27th Apr 2012, 18:04

I fully agree with your comments. I purchased new a 2002 Mazda Tribute DX 5 speed manual 4-cylinder for my wife. I will never ever purchase another Mazda again. Replaced numerous handles and trim. Had several vacuum leaks that caused the vehicle to stall. Even Mazda couldn't find the problem.

The most serious item was the gear stick fractured whilst she was driving. Looking to replace the transmission shifter cable so we can get rid of the vehicle.

29th Jan 2013, 12:11

I have a 2002 Mazda Tribute V6, and it has over 160,000 miles. No issues here. Just now thinking I need a new alternator. But no repairs have been needed. Very pleased.