2004 Mazda Verisa 1.5L petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Why did they stop building these? Awesome hatch


Nothing at this stage.

General Comments:

Very underrated hatch. I work for a vehicle manufacturer that specializes in small cars and the Mazda Verisa does a better job than their offerings of a similar age/spec.

Suspension is very forgiving. When you approach rough road, you expect jolts but the car remains smooth and poised. Very comfortable/quiet car to drive.

Has plenty of space and cubbies for your stuff. Plenty of features too for such a small/cheap car. The small engine is utilized fully and the car feels peppy and doesn't struggle to keep up with the traffic. Awesome for the city, but comfortable to drive on longer distances too.

The only downsides that I have noticed are that the fuel tank is quite small, and with the engine utilized at the full rev range, you'll be heading off to the gas station more often than you might expect for a small car. The only other gripe is the wing mirrors being quite small, thus you have to do a bit more work to see if anybody is in your blind spot.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 23rd August, 2017