16th Sep 2018, 07:52

Hi, can I please ask what it cost to fill the tank up, and also how much gas roughly is used per hour on open roads going at 100km/h? I'm selling my Holden and am wanting something with a smaller engine to save on fuel, but also something not too small.


7th Nov 2018, 08:38

I would also like to know what the fuel economy is. Been looking at Demios but thinking they may be just a wee bit too small.

23rd Nov 2018, 22:46

For 3 years I've owned a 2006 Madza Verisa and am awaiting another from Japan presently, upgrading to a 2008. It took $80-$84 to fill the tank. For approximately 240klm, it would be $40 in petrol.

I love the vehicle; sadly I was hit by another driver, and my 2006 has been just written off. I'm very happy that I've been able to purchase another.



16th Apr 2019, 08:07


Just sold our Verisa. We were just shy of 100,000km. We are moving out of the country and had to let her go. Very sad day. Never let us down and we recommend to friends and family all the time. I'm sure it will serve her new owners well. Since the review we did replace the tyres and a coil pack. Purely maintenance items. Would happily buy another if the opportunity presented.

5th Oct 2019, 05:53

What size tyres did you change to?

19th Dec 2019, 22:37

Hello there.

Might I ask how your Verisa performed in the crash? Did it feel safe?? I know it was a write off, but were you okay??

25th Dec 2019, 08:57

As I own two Mazda Verisas, I can concur with the positive comments given here.

Be aware that there are some differences between the earlier and later Verisas. My 2006 performs very well, but my 2013 face lifted model is even better. In two main areas. First, the sound insulation is much more effective - the car is much quieter. Engine noise is hushed, and the doors close with a more solid sound, all benefits of more/better insulation. Second, the engine has been refined - it is smoother and more responsive, and the torque curve seems to have been improved.

So, if you can buy a Verisa from 2012 onwards, you'll likely be very happy with it, like I am. Note that all Mazda Verisas, even the early ones, need 0W-20 engine oil, which is full synthetic for most brands. I find Penrite Enviro + 0W-20 to have been very suitable for my Verisas.

Because 0W-20 is required, it's best not to try and save money by using cheaper grades such as 10W-30. In the long run, engine wear and damage are likely to result with using the wrong oil.