29th Mar 2007, 13:26

Hi I am buying my first xedos6 this week. It is a 1999 model with 100,000 miles with only one owner from new so seems to be a good deal. Is there anything specific I should look for before buying the car.

3rd Sep 2007, 08:11

Hi I've just got my first Mazda Xedos 6 2.0 V6 and it's one of the best cars I've owned, and I've had a Sierra Cosworth.

25th Oct 2007, 03:00

I purchased a 99 Xedos which had done only 32k miles one owner. I bought it as a stop gap. I sold my 2005 range rover because of the crazy depreciation. I used to be in the trade and have owned and driven just about everything going from Rolls Royce's to Reliant three wheelers.

This car is a revelation. Its so comfortable to drive, very very quiet,you can hardly hear the engine. I think it is a very pretty car as well, The drive is beautifully balanced and sensitive. The styling is as fresh now as it was 8 yrs ago. It's a little thirstier than some, but it's a small price to pay.

I am totally hooked and its going to have to be something sensational to get me to part with it.

Fantastic value.

So if you are looking for some luxury without breaking the bank buy a Xedos 6. You will not regret it

16th Nov 2007, 08:40

I am now entering my fourth year of ownership of a Xedos 6,

This car never fails to astound me, Ulra reliable, amazing super smooth v6 engine, build quality that Mercedes Benz can only dream of, and the timeless drop dead gorgous looks that only Alfa Romeo come close to!

Plus the added bonus of driving a car nobody else in your town owns!

I'm amazed that after nearly four years I am smitten with this car.

12th Sep 2008, 16:17

It's a very beautiful looking car which has aged very well too, good compact size and clearly well made in the extreme. Sad they ceased production or never replaced it.

I own a 2008 SIX & I'm very pleased with it too.

31st Oct 2008, 19:47

I own a 1997 Xedos 6 2.0SE and have to admit that it is a lovely ride, smooth, reliable, extremely comfortable.

Difficult to find such a good car for the price I paid, all the extras are there and it looks really good. Passed the MOT without blinking and it was actually in dire need of a service, I would rate it 8/10 and if you're thinking about buying one, go ahead, you won't be disappointed.

24th Feb 2011, 08:17

I own 1998 Xedos 6 V 2.0.

A perfect car. Easy to drive, with sport spirit.

20th Apr 2011, 01:20

I own my Xedos since November 1993, and I am the first owner. It has 287 thousand miles now.

I changed the A/C compressor, front discs, and automatic gearbox has been generally serviced so far.

The car handles good and is still a nightmare for VW TDIs. It is capable to reach triple digit speeds in 3rd gear with practically no effort (that is the real Cosworth under the bonnet, at the end of a day). The engine is in excellent condition. I recommend a 0W-20 engine oil or Castrol RS in regular oil change intervals, to avoid HLA knocking and to maintain it in good condition with that wonderful resonant sound. I strongly recommend NOT TO retrofit a sports exhaust or air intake parts without contacting the real specialists with longer experience related to Cosworth engines. Otherwise you will damage the engine in next 30 thousand miles, and this is going to be the end of that particular vehicle.

Fuel consumption is some 400 miles or more with the single tank of gas. Do not the retrofit some wild 16" or 17" light alloy wheels. It will affect the handling in a bad way and probably kill the auto gearbox and brake discs. Keep in your mind that the suspension is tuned to perfectly suit the original Enkei wheels. They are expensive and very good.

Tyres are problem. 195/60/15 is a very unfortunate choice for good handling. Fit the 205/55/15 instead, and let it be Yokohama AVS Sport or AVS dB550 for those who like it quiet and A022 for driving enthusiasts. Unfortunately BS Potenza PP S-03 is not in production any more. Keep away from cheap or European rubber in this particular case. If you are not the first owner, always buy the car maintained in an official garage. A good previous owner will document it to you proudly. Leave your car to be serviced by some older mechanic in a service center with longer experience.

Do not purchase this car for some wild driving. Of course, it is necessary to kill the hope of some German or Italian diesel lovers, but please do not squeeze the soul out of the engine. The Xedos is made for quiet, decent driving. Then you can keep it forever. I drive some 40 000 miles per year and I have changed some 30 (most German) cars in past 25 years, my own or official, but the Xedos is still in my garage beside my dad´s 1986 XJ40. They look and behave like blood brothers, but the Xedos is built better.

Follow those few steps and you will enjoy your Xedos. It has a fate to become a classic car.

17th Apr 2017, 19:01

Great cars, I'm on my third as I thought a Jag would be better, not the case!! Valve guides can be a problem so look for any smoke on start up or over run. They handle great and do make a lovely sound. A brilliant choice as they don't make cars this good anymore!