1998 McLaren F1 from North America


There is no other like it!


Nothing that wasn't supposed to go wrong has gone wrong. In other words, only wear items have been replaced!

General Comments:

This car can flat-out fly down the highway. It's an absolute rush! It's a little claustrophobic on the inside, but otherwise it is quite comfortable.

The handling is superb. I've able to toss it to and fro without the slightest hint of losing control.

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Review Date: 21st September, 2004

1992 McLaren F1 6.0 V12 620bhp from UK and Ireland


No wonder its the fastest car in the world!!


Nothing has gone wrong with this car.

General Comments:

I previously owned a Lamborghini Diablo SE30 Jota which I thought was the fastest car I will ever own and drive, but I was dead WRONG!!!

This car is definitely not made for the faint hearted as it still scares the hell out of me after owning it for 2 years now.

To be honest I can't explain in words how fast this car is, but if you ever get the chance to own or sit in one then you MUST! if you are willing to experience SERIOUS g-force and incredible power then go for it.

This car is only driven on particular track days or very rarely on public roads because its loud as any thing and theres no point because I've not bought it to drive 20 mph!.

Overall still till this day I don't think that there will be any thing faster or earned a great name such as this sports car. Well done McLaren.

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Review Date: 12th September, 2004

13th Sep 2004, 07:52

Nice cars, still number 1 after a decade, with looks and performance in a league of their own! You do realise, you will probably get lots of comments accusing you of not really owning this car!!

14th Sep 2004, 08:18

Sure you own this car Bud?

1st Apr 2006, 09:49

Kenwood stereo in a Maclaren F1!!! LOL.

25th Jun 2006, 15:57

Yes, a custom made and designed hi-fi by Kenwood in the front compartment.

1996 McLaren F1 from Caribbean


This car is the fastest deal on wheels!


My motor in my 7 year old Mclaren F1 just died as I was doing 160 on one of the Bahama's best roads. Should I buy a new car, or Buy a new motor?. I hope someone has a Mclaren motor.

General Comments:

This car is my best car. I cannot part with it. I bought it new in 1996 after making my first 2 million dollars with Alexon Digital Services, Inc.

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Review Date: 25th January, 2003

12th Feb 2003, 06:11

I find it hard to believe that someone with $2,000,000 spunked half of it on a car... especially seeing as the running costs are so high.

Not only that, but so little was written about the car. Give us some more info about this monstrous performance vehicle. Little things like electrics, the user manual, glove box, electric windows etc... things that a real owner will know about.

13th Nov 2003, 14:53

If you really do own it, what chassis number is it?

22nd Dec 2003, 04:48

If he was talking about a M3 or a probe would anyone doubt him?

22nd Dec 2003, 11:08

He probably IS talking about a Probe or M3 or something equally common. Notice he has not responded to requests for more information.

26th Feb 2004, 15:23

I agree, I bet non of these people own a Mclaren.

10th Jun 2004, 14:46

Well, you could own a McLaren, But I really doubt it. Hardly anyone in the WORLD owns one.

9th Feb 2005, 00:07

That's Right! The Engine Redline on that is 8500 RPM and if anyone owned one they wouldn't push it past max of 7500. So there you TEEN PUNK!

13th Feb 2005, 18:31

Hey! Can we not help support a rich fantasy life?

13th Jun 2005, 07:59

This review is obviously just DUNG! the F1 cost close to a million dollars, not 2 million dollars! and he does not mention anything about how the ride is on the car, the performance, acceleration top speed, practicality, it's got enough luggage space as a fiesta boot!

Another one bites the dust!

When will they ever learn? just how many do I have to take down to get some sense into those maggots?