1995 McLaren F1 V12 from UK and Ireland


Sheer quality.....................


Nothing has really gone wrong with the car, runs very smooth, but if anything does go wrong you phone McLaren up, link in a modem to the car and they diagnose the problem where ever you are and come over and sort out the problem.

General Comments:

Smaller then you realize and but plenty of space inside, crashed mine into a Metro (yes I did say a Metro), was in the papers and was all very embarrassing, good protection for those unfortunate enough to have a prang in them although I don't recommend it.

The other gentleman who left a post was correct about the dealers, although very polite they do tend to dictate to you how to use the car and even make you do a drivers course before they sell it to you.

The car is fun to drive and really can be used as often as you like, like to take it into London, just for the sheer hell of it and children are always tugging on their parents coats to get closer to take a look.

Performance wise it is really unbelievable, more power then you will ever realistically need, have taken mine to Europe many a time to do 200mph+ on the autobahns, if you can afford one then get one, if not then you can always dream.........

Well I have blubbered on enough.



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Review Date: 30th June, 2000

9th Dec 2000, 08:05

Is that review REALLY from Rowan Atkinson? I wonder. I suppose we'll never know. It would be nice to think that he took the time to make an entry, though. I know he's a true petrol head, I saw him racing at the Goodwood Festival of Speed last year.


Mark Goddard,



1996 McLaren F1 V12 from UK and Ireland


Expensive toy.


The battery goes flat (don't they all though), pushing gearstick from side through the gate gets hard.

General Comments:

Mclaren only lend you the car - you never really own it. They try to rule you with a rod of iron. The staff are all friendly enough, it's just that they are carrying out orders to make sure the McLaren name is preserved. F1's are also depreciating - they aren't that good an investment at the moment.

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Review Date: 28th June, 2000

12th Feb 2001, 16:38

Is it true that when you buy a Mclaren F1 you also get a computer which Mclaren can diagnose and rectify problems with, such as tuning etc?

25th Mar 2001, 16:23


16th Oct 2001, 06:35

Gee wizz, that's swell!

25th May 2003, 18:46

Wait a Minute, didn't you say that the staff was all friendly, but when I went down the page, you only put a 3 for the dealer.

27th Sep 2003, 11:32

I do believe your right. Wonder why this person did that? hmmmm.

12th Nov 2003, 08:32

MMM you have £635000 to spend on A supercar and here you are typing about it and not driving it?

12th Nov 2003, 15:14

Which chassis number is your car?

6th Jan 2004, 18:30

To the owner: May I please know the chassis # of your car? I am a big McLaren fan and I keep track of the chassis #s. So far I have half of them covered. I would be very interested in knowing some information of the car. Also, do you have any pictures of the vehicle hosted on a website? I would love to see them. Thanks.

1994 McLaren F1 V12, 627 bhp from UK and Ireland


Ultimate road car


Mostly gearbox problems.

General Comments:

I miss my F50 because it has more driving thrills. The McLaren F1 takes away the challenge of driving, like my Nissan Skyline. 360 Modena on the way.

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Review Date: 19th April, 2000

12th Jan 2001, 01:38

Fair play to ya, would like to be able to afford one of those super cars, ah well have to make do with my S13 200SX..

8th Feb 2001, 11:44

Just like to echo the comments of Mr. 200SX.

I, too, own an S13 200SX (and am VERY happy, may I add).

It's a quick car. But there are quick cars, there are QUICK cars and there's the McLaren...

Oh, to have the chance to own/drive the sort of cars we're talking about here... respect!