13th Apr 2001, 11:50

I respect the reviews which these two people have submitted but there is surely a question mark over their authenticity. Why would the owner of a 600K motor car be spending their time on the internet, submitting reviews informing the public about how comfortable and reliable their McLaren is? A bit far fetched for me?!

14th Apr 2001, 03:19

In reply to the person who is doubting whether or not that Rowan Atkinson did write the review, I can confirm that he did because he crashed it almost outside my house. I didn't see it because my drive is pretty long, but shunting an old lady up the backend in a Metro, what a laugh!

Just in case anyone doesn't believe me he crashed it on the A6 near Lancaster opposite a Restaurant called 'El Nido's'.

It shows how much like an F1 car they really are because all that needed replacing was the nose cone.

Henry Charles

Nr Lancaster.

10th May 2001, 09:28

The fact is no doubt true, what is not clear is that it actually was Rowan A. who went into the site and wrote all that review. It was more than likely someone else who knew the facts. And since it was in the papers, it wouldn't be difficult to find someone with the knowledge to write it.

11th Jul 2001, 23:17

So Rowan Atkinson really rear ended a Metro with his McLaren? As a Metro owner, I'm surprised there's anything left- of the McLaren!

So did PC Fowler show up at the crash, and make puns about the car's Swift demise, the exact Geo-graphical location, etc?

20th Jul 2001, 07:37

Hello chaps and chapettes, I can't believe that this has caused to much controversy, yes I REALLY did own a Mclaren and the chap above was correct about the location of the crash, I have since sold it on to an elderly gentleman who lives overseas, thanks for the comments and yes I do actually take a break from filming now and again, these days I don't spend that much time in front of the camera, I am working mostly on scripts and such like.

And for the comment above about why I would be browsing the Internet and taking time out to comment... I like to browse the Internet like everyone else and came across this site (well done Stephen on such a good job).

Well take care.


21st Jul 2001, 12:56

Fake obviously. Read Atkinson's magazine articles and the writing style is different. 8 follow ups doesn't make much of a controversy unless of course you wrote it to make one. Good try though.

Nepean (now Ottawa), ON CANADA.

21st Jul 2001, 14:26

Well, he either lies like a cheap rug, or is Rowan Atkinson hmmmmmmm...

23rd Jul 2001, 04:25

I am surprised anyone ever comments on here when people with decent cars come on there to educate us and all you do is rant on about.




Give it a rest and stop hacking on every super car owner.

What's this world coming to when you can't leave a comment about a car without being accused of not owning it or having to prove and back up everything.

I get the feeling some of you are a little bitter about people like Mr R.A. above having a nice car???

Give it a rest...

27th Jul 2001, 17:26

Well as it happens I own a 3.2 Aston DB7, and enjoy reading reviews about other cars - I do not however see any point in people 'making reviews up' and although we cannot be sure about how authentic this review is - we can question it.

30th Jul 2001, 20:17

When I can afford a supercar, I'll remember you guys and come back to review it :)

1st Oct 2001, 11:01

I normally don't enjoy browsing the web so much, but this review of a car has made an interesting turn. However, I'm sure one who is serious about car reviews won't appreciate it the way I do.

And as for the high rating on running cost? Questionable.

By the way I drive a Geo Storm. Performs like hell, but it is my little angel.

18th Oct 2001, 03:14

Why are you all fighting about this? He did own the car and he did crash it, so who cares if it was him writing it OK.

14th Dec 2001, 15:53

I own a Fisher Fireblade, It cost me £4000GBP second hand. It is a fibre glass kit, not so practical but I have managed to get to 60 in 3.85 seconds. That's about 0.75secs slower than the Mcclaren F1. It is a lot of fun, rear wheel drive, gets so many looks (cross between E-type AC cobra) beautiful 6 foot bonnet. You don't have to be R.A to have something that performs like a supercar.

15th Dec 2001, 14:34

Whats Insurance premium like after a ding in an F1? Please don't say "if you have to ask you can't afford one ".

22nd Jan 2002, 16:26

Well as far as I remember from the press articles about R.A's crash, the repairs cost approx £30.000, and looking at the pictures, all the damage seemed concentrated on the front bumper and above the left light.

What a way for an old Metro to go out though, being crashed into by a McLaren.. it's the stuff cheap cars dream of!

27th Aug 2002, 07:56

I also remember the article regarding the McLaren crash, and as far as my memory serves me, the car was a deep red type colour and the front bumper, left wheelarch/light cluster section appeared to be shattered (no doubt due to the material the car is made from). I'm not sure of the cost that was quoted, but front prangs often cause lots of unseen damage, often jolting the doors back, breaking hinges, creasing bodywork etc.

3rd Jun 2003, 16:10

OK, first of all, the writer of this review signed it 'B'. Only after everyone started talking about Rowan Atkinson, did he later CHANGE his initials to R.A. There is about as much chance as this being Rowan Atkinson as pigs plying past my window right now. Although, I have to admit, it would be pretty cool if it was him.

Secondly, I highly doubt anyone could drive at 200 mph + on the Autobahn. I frequently drive across Germany, and although the fast lane is very quick, it is full of cars, and 120 mph will see you on the bumber of the car in front in no time.

13th Nov 2003, 14:51

I doubt this is Atkinson. I've read some of his other reviews on cars and he talks much more sophisticated than whoever wrote this.

Rowans car is chassis #061, the color is dark burgundy.

(I'm the same guy that's posting in all the other mclaren f1 reviews with chassis numbers) :- D.

17th Nov 2003, 14:33

...well, I think you're wasting your time in here if you're trying to find a real owner to tell you about his chassis number...

20th May 2004, 05:55

Rowan Atkinson still owns the Mclaren in question - so the reviews are fake.

20th Jun 2004, 09:22

The review is fake as the car that crashed was burgundy red, and I have seen RA driving his Mclaren F1 near Heathrow, and it was drk blue. I have also spotted a silver F1 whilst driving. Only 50 Mclaren road cars were ever sold, 3 of them crashed. I have read publications where RA is a contributor and his style of writing is particular to make me 100% confident that this review is a fake. But please I hope that one true Mclaren F1 owner, maybe Jay Leno, Keith Flint from Prodigy, or the real RA write a review of this dated supercar.