1984 Mercedes-Benz 190 E 2.3L gas from North America


300,000 miles and still going strong


Bought used, 2 owner brother/sister, all original miles with rebuild top end (valve train) and rebuild manual 5 speed transmission. At least 2 front end "wrecks" on the car previously, both fixed with no further complicates.

Immediately replaced the final drive due to differential "roar" noise.

Ignition column went out which required significant "messing with" to get fixed.

Fuel pump quit, but it was only the hot lead, was reattached and worked.

Ball joint broke and dropped the front left suspension (but it's my fault cause I ignored my mechanics advice to replace).

Odometer broke about 2 months after purchase, current miles are guessed from my fuel log.

Tends to run hot, one wire frayed on the wiring harness for Aux fan, but even hot it never gets above 110 C in the summer except in stop and go.

Overall - it has many small items such as door locks don't work, antenna doesn't work right, speakers blown, etc. - but it's my daily driver.

General Comments:

Its not an "on the town" car, and supposedly the early 190E's had problems, but overall, mine has been solid as a rock.

It gets 20-30 mpg depending on the driving style and I can sometimes drive it hard.

5th gear on the manuals is basically worthless in the US cause you have to be going 75 or higher.

Great 1st car for a teen or something as long as you can find one that has been treated well.

How many reviews have cars with over 300,000 miles? :-)

I can tell you, going from a 1987 Civic to the 1984 190E was a huge step UP!

Not for sale, will drive it until it drops, will write another review in for the next 300,000 miles.

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Review Date: 24th January, 2003

7th Jun 2004, 15:14

I had a similar problem with my 380 SEL as far as the engine temp. I am not sure what kind of thermostat you have in your car, but if it has a aluminum pin with an arm all you need to do is to cut off the pin. It works! no more overheating!

8th Mar 2009, 20:38

I have the same car, Mercedes Benz 190E 5-Speed, just purchased it today, for $900. Except for some interior troubles, and a few exterior bugs, the thing runs awesome, needs a tune-up for sure, but once that's done, it will run nicely.

The owner told me he replaced the thermostat when he bought it, and hasn't had a problem at all during summer driving.

Overall, this car looks and rides good, the clutch is beautiful, and handles well, but I think the car was made for smaller people, it's a tight squeeze between me, the wheel and the shifter.

1984 Mercedes-Benz 190 D 2.2 from North America


A low maintenance luxury car


Seats have started to wear out.

Engine is louder and noisy from the outside, but its quiet when you are inside and driving with your windows rolled-up.

Poor air conditioning system.

General Comments:

This car can go fast once the engine is warmed up.

Amazing turning circle radius.

Quick heating in winter time.

300000 Km and no engine work required with amazing mileage on the fuel.

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Review Date: 13th July, 2002

1984 Mercedes-Benz 190 E 2.0 from Singapore


2 year European call option. Excellent!


10 owners left the car in quite a state!

Changed all interior - $1500, wheels, tyres - $450, major service, brakes discs, exhaust bits, steering bits, mountings... all for about $1000. Now like new or latest 1993 model.

No faults since these changes.

Slight smell of petrol from somewhere.

General Comments:

Excellent car.

Faster than a W124.

Can abuse it and it still is so civilised.

This car is the most effective car purchase in Singapore at S$17,500 with 3 years COE left.

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Review Date: 24th May, 2001

26th May 2014, 21:57

I also have a 1984 190E 2.0 and am in the process of renovation. It only had 19K miles when I bought it, but it had been ridden hard and put away wet. I started on it about 4 years ago and still have 25% to go. I so agree with you about the 190E, it's virtually indestructible.

15th Sep 2016, 17:22

I have a 1984 Mercedes 190E 2.0L with low miles. Occasionally I need parts from a grey market car, like now I need a Climate Control Unit. I just need a good source for parts or a parts car that parts can be harvested from. Can you provide your source or help me with finding certain parts?


21st Sep 2016, 08:51

Hello, some of the guys at the BenzWorld.org owner's forum recommend Arizona-based AutohausAZ (www.autohausaz.com) and MBOEMPARTS.com for W201 spare parts.