1993 Mercedes-Benz 190 2.6 from North America


Knowing today what I have experienced with the car I would make the same buying decision again.


At 125,000 miles the front/rear brakes were replaced.

At 126,000 miles the tires were replaced.

At 131,000 miles the battery was replaced.

The CD player is dead or broken.

The radio crackles and hisses.

The sunroof opens at the back, but no longer retracts.

Fuses have been replaced.

One headlight bulb was replaced.

General Comments:

I bought the 190E in October of 2004 for $5,000 due to Mercedes reputation for quality and reliability. It looked good, ran good, and has been a real joy. Yet by the time autos reach the age of 131,000 miles things go wrong. What repairs would I have faced had I spent $5,000 on a used Cadillac?

The car is very comfortable and I have a real sense of protection if a wreck should occur. It handles great just like a much younger sedan. The doors still make that confident thunk that they did 13 years ago.

Mercedes has long produced quality autos that establish a certain design which repeats itself year after year. Therefore a 13 year old car can still be recognized for who and what it is.

Interior-wise it looks new and even retains that wonderful MB leather smell.

If you are entertaining the idea of buying an older MB you might consider the 190E.

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Review Date: 29th January, 2006

26th Aug 2010, 18:56

If those have been the only things to go wrong with this vehicle, sounds like you got a great deal! All those things are so common and expected, that they almost don't count.

1993 Mercedes-Benz 190 2.6 from North America


Money well spent


Well when I bought it I knew the transmission is bad and exhaust is bad so I got both done with cost

General Comments:

It is a rare 2.6 liter model. man this car is awsome best I have ever driven. parts are not that expensive I mean you can get em online. labor is expensive, but I guess if you keep it in good condition you can reduce those costs. it is a nice car and I don't think I will ever sell it. when you comment on used cars don't blame on the car blame the owner. lot of people don't car for their cars so then they cry when they get bills.

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Review Date: 13th December, 2005

1993 Mercedes-Benz 190 190E 2.00 from UK and Ireland


I've had it for 13 years, what more can I say


The head gasket started leaking at about 30,000 miles and was replaced as was skimming of the head. This cost me about £300, (not at a MB dealer). this lasted about 600 miles and had to be done again, another £200.

All the brake discs have had to be replaced as they were squealing, £450.

Rust on the driver inner door pillar, where the rubber boot is attached. Warranty.

Leaky boot (trunk).

Bubble of rust on sliding roof, which jammed and had to have the cable replaced.

Leaky water control valve for heater.

New water pump fitted.

Seat belt indicator lamp stayed on and caused the alarm to keep setting off, I had to remove the interior light control PCB.

Most seriously, every year or two I have to fit a brand new distributor arm and cap as it keeps cutting out and runs lumpy. I have tried to clean these items, but they have to be replaced with new parts. This is an easy job and takes no longer than about 15 minutes and costs about £60.

General Comments:

I have had this car from new, and now I am about to buy a new E280CDi Classic Estate.

Even though I have had my problems, the car is lovely to drive and the seats are like new, as well as all the controls working without ant problems.

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Review Date: 12th October, 2005

2nd Jul 2012, 11:01

Disc squeal is down to calipers not being maintained or pads with grit trapped, or both. Sounds like someone sold you discs you didn't need.