4th Aug 2003, 04:13

Ehm, 170 km/h for a 2.6 6 cylinder is not that fast. It should go over 200 km/h quite easily. I have a small turbodiesel car which can do 180 km/h and that is not something special. Maybe it's the age of the car that plays up. Have it reconditioned and you will be surprized...

13th Sep 2003, 00:15

Today we bought a 2003 MERCEDES and want to sell our 1989 4 door 190 2.6 with 60,000 miles.

25th Mar 2004, 11:08

I disagree too with the critique on winter driving. I live in Finland, where winters are always snowy. My MB 190 2.6 has been great on snowy and icy roads. I would say that it is more a question of how you drive - the driving style must be adjusted when weather conditions change.

This car is really the best car I've ever had and haven't even considered selling it.

24th Jul 2012, 02:25

She drives easily over 200 kmh. Euro model with the super long manual shifter, 105 in second, 160 in third, and you have 4th and 5th left. It is geared for the autobahn, so you can shift down from 5th to 4th at 140, and accelerate quickly from there up... simply amazing. American versions are geared differently though... 180 cruising feels great!

3rd Aug 2014, 07:39

I had a 190e, but gave up after trying to dig it out of snow late at night, on the steep hill up to my flat in Switzerland, or sliding down the snowy, icy, also steep alternate road. I traded it for a 300E 4matic that gave me 20 totally trouble free years. That would engage all 4 wheels automatically when needed, to even climb up steep icy slopes. Thanks for that MB.

Now I live in Siam, where we just need the air con, (and to avoid other 'drivers'). I will now go back to the 190e, cheap to buy today.