1968 Mercedes-Benz 250 W114 2.5 L6 from North America


Bad alternator.

Blown head gasket at 210000.

Rebuilt dual Zenith carburetor.

Clutch slave cylinder.

Replaced head gasket.

Replaced engine rockers.

Machined heads.

Machined cam shaft.

Replaced water pump.

Replaced fuel line.

All done at 250000 ($2350 out the door).

General Comments:

I hate driving, but I love driving this car. It redefines Merc owners.

I never thought I would ever want a Mercedes until I laid my eyes on a majestic white W114. So would I ever buy another car from Mercedes? Only if it's a /8.

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Review Date: 2nd February, 2013

1965 Mercedes-Benz 250 S 2.5 litre six from Australia and New Zealand


Beautifully handcrafted German car - exceptional engineering


Brake booster diaphragm.

General Comments:

A beauty! Is a very early w108 with some parts from the outgoing 220 series, eg, oil bath air cleaner. Many parts are stamped with the year 1965.

This car has been converted to LPG and is surprisingly nimble. Exceptional handling from a car of its vintage, and I feel like I am in a 1960s spy movie throwing it into corners. This car keeps step with modern traffic and is a real head turner.

The car was 'lost' for most of its life, having been driven into a barn in outback NSW in the early 1980s and forgotten. Was 'discovered' and restored including a $12000 engine rebuild and she sparkles. Being in a dry environment saved her from rust problems, and it's now the family's pride and joy.

Talk of selling 'the merc' and replacing her with something newer - even another Mercedes brings howls of protest from the two teenage kids.

If you are considering a classic 'tombstone' Mercedes beware - rust is a problem and parts are hideously expensive. Brake booster replacement $3500 aus quoted from a dealership! Aussie Holden V8 booster diaphragm suited at a cost of a couple of hundred dollars.

These cars were hand built up until '66 or '67.

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Review Date: 24th April, 2010

1977 Mercedes-Benz 250 2.5L-6 from North America


I would sell my new car before I sell this one


The car hesitates slightly when accelerated. I believe it's the accelerator pump inside the carburetor.

General Comments:

This car rides as smooth as I have ever seen a car ride, even being 32 years old.

The body on this vehicle was put together with some extra strong something, because it has no squeaks whatsoever.

It is a German model with German specifications, so it has no air conditioning.

I wish I could find an AC kit for it, but I don't want to kill the value of it.

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Review Date: 27th October, 2009

28th Oct 2009, 04:58

If you like it that much, and air conditioning would make you happy, just go for it. As good as the car is, it is also something which has to serve your needs. I doubt it would depreciate the car that much. In many other countries, aftermarket air conditioners were installed on many cars, even very expensive ones, simply because they were costly options from the factory.

1975 Mercedes-Benz 250 2.3L from Australia and New Zealand


The best car ever!!!


Well, nothing that shouldn't happen to a 32 year old car.

Power steering connection leaked. It was just a matter of changing the ring.

I got a new battery. Then I changed the exhaust because the old one was rusty. I got the big boy (Benz) 2 inch double pipe chrome straight exhaust. That's pretty much it.

General Comments:

Drives like a beauty!! I got there a mix of Clarion and "home made" sound system. With the new exhaust it sounds really like a beast! When started light blue smoke comes out, but in few seconds it disappears. It has enough hp for the city.

For comfort I got it tinted with a 95% darkness tint. I have driven many cars, this one (and VW Golf GTI 89) are the best! They have their own spirit. If you have one or are planning on buying one, remember one thing. Benz likes to be washed!

Sometime he doesn't feel like going quickly, and sometime he just flies overtaking all the "tuned up cars" with body kits and stuff. Listen, if you are planing on buying one as a first car or just for driving every day, then do so!! Don't wait anymore! You won't regret it.

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Review Date: 8th October, 2007