1969 Mercedes-Benz 250 CE 2.5 from Australia and New Zealand


A under rated and under priced classic


Oil cooler.

Shock absorbers.

Om-meter stopped working.

General Comments:

The car is a head turner.

No drag car, but on the plus side reasonable on fuel.

Handles and brakes exceptionally well for a car of it's year and mileage.

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Review Date: 15th March, 2003

1972 Mercedes-Benz 250 from Israel


Classic and worthy all the way


Transmission went bad last year (2001), electric wires are all messed up.

Speedometer doesn't work.

Overheats when stuck in traffic (it will stop moving if it gets too hot).

General Comments:

Completely restored in 1994, this car probably has about 999,999 kilometers on it, it is a family owned car, driven as new by my grandfather, then by my father, and now by myself.

Anyone who might be looking to buy an early 250 Benz should definitely lookout for rust, electric problems and overheating.

This classic is really unique and though it got me back and forth from my house to the army for 2 years. I'm pretty sure it has a mind of its own when it comes to starting and moving, though when she does feel like taking me for a ride, she does it in a most agile way!

The reason I got it was since my father wanted to teach me a lesson after complaining about me being too spoiled, I recommend this treatment to all you fathers whose sons think they're too good to drive some cars, I generally hate Benzs, but this one has been a delight to meet, drive, take care of and live with.

And you know what, screw all the mechanical problems, it's pretty cheap compared to other antiques, if you want it, buy it, you won't be sorry.

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Review Date: 26th February, 2002

24th May 2012, 01:02

Would love to make contact with the owner of the 250 CE in Israel. I'm importing a 250 CE to Israel in a few months. Facebook username is dean.powers.927

1977 Mercedes-Benz 250 2.5 in-line six petrol, LPG from Australia and New Zealand


A timeless classic, delivering comfortable, economical and supremely reliable motoring


A front suspension ball-joint needed replacing. An after-market part was used that cost (at $150) about half the Mercedes original.

The plastic capping on the boot ledge broke.

The air-pump door-locking system sprang a leak after a lock was forced down.

Hit full on at the point of the left front wheel at 60kph by an old Holden. The Holden died on the spot. I was able to drive the Benz into a nearby parking space, engine still purring away and all essential organs intact. Owing to a 20cm displacement of the engine compartment chassis, though, the car has sadly to be written off.

General Comments:

The fact that the car had been reconditioned and had LPG fitted at around the 200,000km mark was a major attraction, though cold starts were a bit tricky owing to the compression required to pull in the first puff of gas. It cost no more than my old Nissan wagon to run. While no dragster, it moved quite smoothly around town and was a lovely touring car. It would stall on petrol in town, but would handle hills better on petrol than on gas when travelling at over about 80kph.

A bright orange with all the chrome trimmings, when polished it always seemed to turn heads and inspire envy. Sadly missed.

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Review Date: 7th December, 2001

3rd Jan 2010, 03:17

Best car ever. I also have MB 250 with M 123 motor.

1974 Mercedes-Benz 250 2.5ltr straight six from Australia and New Zealand


I have put 40 000 kms on this car, now showing 280 000 kms and have only had to replace the timing chain.

General Comments:

Great smooth riding classic car. More reliable than a donkey. Is thirsty though. If purchasing one check for rust in the floorwells and in and around the firewall/engine bay.

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Review Date: 26th January, 2000