2nd Feb 2013, 04:25

Yocto denotes 10-24 (10 to the power of minus 24) in metric measurements, so the reviewer was being sarcastic!

17th Jan 2014, 21:38

I didn't find any information that supports your 1 score for reliability.

9th Dec 2015, 21:13

The issue with the clutch pedal might be an assembly/manufacturing issue. Not that the dealer is going to be helpful about it, but it happens. And it sucks because as said, dealers won't go with important repairs under warranty if the issue is somehow tolerable.

As for Mercedes being more reliable than Volvo, that is not true. Well, not in the past 20 years or so when Mercedes became a caricature of a car when it comes to comparing price vs reliability. Volvo is the last one of the BMW, Mercedes and Audi to be manufactured with fragile sensors and lots of manufacturing issues. And again some Audi models have done pretty well in recent years. Now don't buy Volvo thinking they are, as they say, built to last 'for a lifetime'. As with many European cars, they had issues, and when a Euro car has issues, prepare to meet some greedy dealers that will joyfully drain your holiday account in a matter of minutes. Talking about car dealers, Volvo dealers could not care less when it comes to taking responsibility for a manufacturing or design defect.

5th Oct 2016, 19:48

I've had mine for 4 years with no issues. I do 16,000 miles per year. The car has gotten better the further it has gone. Average fuel consumption has been 56 MPG (fill to fill) and three times I have bettered 70 MPG over 500 mile motorway trips.

The foot operated parking brake is an acquired taste, but no worse than the dreadful electronic parking brake on Audis.

Dealers have been fine with me, if not the cheapest, but I have a 3 year service contract which is cheaper than paying for individual services. I'm currently planning to hang onto it for another 3-4 years, by which time I will be well past 100,000 miles.

1st Nov 2017, 10:09

Very hard to believe the above MPG of 55. Forums rather talk about around 40-45 in average. As for the original reviewer, indeed the clutch could have had an assembly issue; rare but it can happen.