8th Oct 2002, 06:38

I have read the comment stating about the thin paintwork etc, and would like to mention what you can do about it. If you keep the car polished on a regular basis and touch in any scratches as soon as they occur, they will never get to the stage of rusting, so therefore, if the car is looked after properly it will look like new for years to come.

And did the person complaining about the problems with the Merc in the review ever hear of replacement parts and D.I.Y?

12th Nov 2002, 22:32

You missed the point.

Why should you have to spend hours keeping a car this expensive looking good.

The price implies quality and a decent paint job.

Something that seems missing in the South African built Mercs.

22nd May 2003, 01:56

The paint problems listed above are what you would expect from the finish on Mercs, as they have all had the paint 'flatted' before leaving the factory. This gives an incredibly smooth and glossy finish, but also removes a lot of the paint. This cannot be helped, Mercedes have an outstanding finish, which just needs to be waxed (for looks), and the drivers should not to be too adventurous up old lanes with the hedges meeting in the middle!

This flatting process involves sanding the paint with very fine sandpaper by hand, and then polishing the shine back. It completely eliminates the 'orange peel' effect you get with spraying a car. This is a slightly ripply finish when you see the car in sunlight. That is why the paint is thin, to give the best paint finish possible, and they do a hell of a good job!

23rd Jan 2004, 08:37

I own a 1999 C-230. It is a fine car, but (1) have trouble with lights burning out (sometimes they go out and then go back on with no intervention)and(2) the brakes squeak. No satisfaction from the dealer except they replace bulbs without charge (vechicle is out of warranty). Does anyone known how these problems can be corrected. Live in central Michigan. Please E-mail rederer@voyager.net. Thanks.

28th Jan 2004, 09:54

I purchased a 2000 C230 Kompressor seven months ago and have had nothing, but pleasure from it. The handling is good and firm for enthusiastic usage, the plant produces enough horses to get you out of trouble and the finish is good. I agree that the superchargers' noisy when planting the right boot, but the rewards lie in the resultant acceleration.

My one criticism is that the tiptronic box is a bit of a mystery. It tends to change gear (manually or on auto) when it feels like it, sometimes rapidly, other times waiting for a second or two longer before lurching onto the next cog, which rather defeats the object and makes its inclusion rather gimmicky.

This is my second Merc (last one was a '95 E220) and it has determined me to drive only the three pointer in the future.

16th Jul 2004, 07:17

I have a 1997 C230 compressor with 112,000 miles, the only problem I have with this car is the automatic gearbox which changes gear too slow and goes into next gear with a bang.

Also I cannot change gears manually as gear lever will not go below drive position. Gearbox type is a 5 speed electronic.

28th Jul 2004, 12:14

I have a 1998 C230 with 76,000 miles. Recently, I have been experiencing a rash of service repairs. The ball joints needed to be replaced, a suspension bracket and an air mass sesor. I would like to know if anybody has had similar experiences and/or if I can expect to have these types of repairs continue. Prior to this, I haven't had any significant issues. Thank you!

19th Sep 2006, 02:54

We had a last of the boxy C-Class generation. A late model 2000 C230 Kompressor with Sport pack and optional AMG wheels. Until you read the badges, it looked exactly like a C43 AMG. Anyway the engine was powerful enough, forever sending the traction control off in a frenzy when quick getaways were called upon. Although we bought the car fairly new (only 2 years old and 25,000kms) we also experienced some problems. Most notably, after a few weeks of ownership the electric seat motors failed and resulted in costly replacement from a helpful servicing team. About 18 months into ownership, the ESP Stability Control faulted and resulted in expensive remedy.

Aside from those minor glitches, it was a dream to drive, even if the auto box was jerky and slammed into the next gear. It was cramped too, but at least it had gorgeous looks especially with the body kit and AMG wheels.

7th Mar 2008, 04:48

I have C200 Kompressor. Mine is black in sport package. I don't know why there are so many comments about the noise of the car engine... it is very quiet for me, and I can hear only a beast under the hood when I wake it up. So if you want a quiet car, buy yourself a Fiat Punto. It is great, and a fun to drive car that has some minor problems, but what car doesn't have? I am in love with its look. Also, a mass air sensor is a service item that you have to do after 100,000km. And my choice is manual gearbox.

1st Jun 2008, 22:05

I just bought a 1999 Mercedes-benz C230 Kompressor sports. It has 86,000 miles. I don't really know much about this model. Does anyone know what service I should do to the car right now, and when I should change the timing belt? Please let me know.

5th Jun 2008, 22:57

Have a 99 C230 K. Bought at 45K now has 107K. Had a problem with the check engine light going on and a cylinder dropping out. Re-start and it was fine. This increased in frequency. One mechanic miss-diagnosed as a bad injector. Took it to another and it was the spark plugs. Had a complete 100K service including brakes and it runs like a dream. New tires and it’s like a new car.

This is my last car I hope. You can bury me in it.

23rd Jun 2008, 23:29

I have owned and driven a 99 C230 Kompressor since my senior year of high school. The car had 26,000 miles on it, and I've put about 30,000 on it to date.

One way you can increase MPG and performance without severe modification is to invest in some air filters (particularly K&N). This allows the car to breathe better, and allows the engine to put in more performance without sacrificing gas.

13th Oct 2008, 15:28

I own a c230 kompressor. I have a noise from the engine that has became more constant and louder with time. I've taken it to several places to check and diagnose the problem. Only thing is I've been told three different opinions on what the problem is. 1) The supercharger. 2) The timing chain. 3) The cam. If anyone has a suggestion on what to do before I spend anymore money to diagnose, I would appreciate your help.

17th Oct 2008, 15:52

I own a c200K sport and I also have had a c200k classic. Those two cars are whit same mileage. Avoid sport version because of hard suspension. Engines are excelent but air mass sensor is a comon fault. It is easy to replace but expensive.

2nd Dec 2008, 03:52

I'm thinking about buying a 1999 C230k. It has 160,000 miles. Good or bad idea?