31st Jul 2007, 01:02

30 July 2007.

I love my car, but at 167,000 miles I am experiencing the a/c problem now...it's cold when it starts up and blows warm after after 3-4min. The dealer said the compressor needs to be replaced. I have to replace the right tail light bulb at least once a week as well. There was actually a recall on the battery in 2001 for this vehicle, but I replaced the battery in 2006 without knowing this after experiencing several shut offs and system shutdowns. Last, but not least I can count on one hand my car has started on the first click in the last 6mos. It always starts after I turn the ignition on the 2nd try. I think I'm going to have to part with it soon, but it was a wonderful vehicle before passing the 100,000 miles mark. The water pump was also replaced in 2006 when it started over heating for no reason. I honestly believe the 1998 C230 has electrical issues that haven't been reported enough to become a "recall" as I've heard quite a few people voice the same problems.

24th Jul 2009, 02:01

I have a C230, 1998, I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEM with it, this car runs like new at any Km if you know how to drive it and how to treat it. Sorry but if you guys have electrical problem it's probably cause you installed alarms, starters, or whatever, or you don't maintain your car enough.

28th Oct 2010, 14:28

OK - time for another update. The car is now at 203,000 miles, and continues to run flawlessly. I had to get a new key made, so took it to the local dealer last month, and was told by the service tech that any time a '94 - '00 C-class car is traded in, one of the mechanics usually buys it before it ever makes it to the auction or the used car lot. He said he's even got one customer with a '97 that's got over 300,000 on the clock.

18th Sep 2018, 17:46

We have a '98 C-230 with 248,000+ miles on it and have owned it since it was new. Mercedes service is expensive and we learned early on to find a trusted, independent who specialized in M-B cars. The car is showing its age, but remains dependable and cheap to operate. However, it's the small problems that can get to you such as a perished rubber grommet in the serpentine belt tensioner and the occasional sensor. You can't imagine all of the problems that a rubber grommet can cause, but it was something that I was able to repair myself for less than $40. We have used synthetic oil and had the car serviced by the book. It's still running strong and gets great fuel mileage.

18th Sep 2018, 21:07

Great to hear! Mercedes has been a mixed bag of late, and while the feel of the cars from the shutting of the door or the feel of the switch damping has remained, unfortunately their peerless dependability has not been carried forward consistently for the last 20 or so years. Happy to hear your car has served you quite well; that's high mileage.