2002 Mercedes-Benz E-Class 270 CDi Elegance 2.7 diesel from UK and Ireland


Quality, safety, presence and practicality


There were no faults on delivery of the vehicle.

General Comments:

This has been my first Mercedes Benz and everything the brand image portrays is true.

I ordered this car before available for test drive in the UK based on reports of 2 billion Euro development cost and the tag line "everything we know in one car". OK so I could have taken a real fall!

Luckily the car is everything they say it is.

The build quality is as good, may even be better than the S-class. Interior design is simple, stylish, clean lines, but superb materials and fit.

Build quality is superb. From the thunk of the door to the magic carpet ride quality.

I find myself turning off the superb 10 speaker CD just to listen to the quietness of the ride.

Seating is extremely comfortable. Inflatable air pockets all over the seats and in the side seat bolsters allow a superb 'glove like' fit with plenty of support for the twisty bits.

Handling is better than a five series BMW and it just feels so much better bolted together. Anyway who wants a BMW badge when you can aim down the highway with that three pointed star?

Interior space is excellent, even in the back. I can also fit four, yes four, sets of golf clubs in the boot.

The diesel rattles a bit at idle when you first start her up. Within 5 minutes it's a inconspicuous burble with just the right amount of edge to the exhaust tone when you nail it. Nail a diesel? No I'm not kidding. 0-60mph in 8.3 is not Porsche standard, but acceleration from 30 to 90mph is excellent, and remember this is a 1.7 tonne car!

The automatic gearbox is an excellent choice with the diesel. Smaller petrol engines struggle to deliver enough torque to drive the gearbox, but the 2.7 diesel has over 400nM of torque. that's almost as much as the 5 liter V8.

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Review Date: 18th December, 2002

21st Dec 2005, 03:13

I just wished to say that my Mercedes cdi is also a very satisfying car to drive. I have tested quite a few cars including BMW 7 series (under 3 litre), Lexus, Volvo S80 and Peugeot 607. I was nearly contemplating on the E240 until someone suggested I try the cdi from Mercedes.

There was no going back ever since!