2003 Mercedes-Benz E-Class E500 V8 from North America


The best car for the money


Door seal came off frame. Wear starting to show on driver's side B pillar fabric.

General Comments:

I bought this car in 06 and was debating between it and the Infiniti FX 45 at the time. I think its design has aged much better than the Infiniti's, and still looks gorgeous.

I enjoy driving it immensely. I love its interior. This was a major factor in my decision to purchase it. It has a beautiful cabin. Everything is well laid out and accessible. The only cavil I has is the leather is not very supple. It's finish is of a high quality to be sure but my Jaguar's leather makes this stuff feel like sandpaper. (As did my only BMW 750's, and I recall the FX45's I drove had much softer leather as well...)

The ride quality is engaging, but this is no sports car. Get an E55 if you want to take turns at speed without leaning over in your seat.

I have had many issues with aftermarket stereo modifications. I would recommend employing an installer with previous Mercedes experience if you intend to do such upgrades. It will save you much frustration in the long run.

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Review Date: 10th January, 2009

10th Sep 2009, 06:47

Early w211 cars are nightmares. Quality improved a bit since 2006, but still nowhere near LEXUS...

12th Jun 2013, 04:17

Like the last comment, the Lexus LS series are still way more reliable than the Benz. Yes, the Benz has some great finishing, but after my personal comparison, the LS was ahead.

2003 Mercedes-Benz E-Class E500 Gas V8 from North America


No more reliabilty issues, I bought an 08 Saturn!


Tires had to be replaced every 12000 miles, alignment by the dealer kept changing.

Transmission electrical connector had to be replaced multiple times after fluid leakage and finally the torque convertor, control module and radiator failed. On a Mercedes with slightly over 30000 miles on it!

General Comments:

Beautiful automobile,fun to drive and ride in, but it needed something repaired every time I got in it.

Constant Repairs and Problems.

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Review Date: 11th November, 2007

12th Nov 2007, 14:01

I just couldn't help, but laugh out loud at this review!!! Thank you so much!! It is ironic that people hold Mercedes up as such an icon of perfection while Consumer Reports lists them as one of the most UNRELIABLE and trouble-prone manufacturers. Virtually every Mercedes line falls at or below the "worse than average" rating, and several fall in the "MUCH worse than average" category.

My family members have owned both Mercedes and Saturns. The Mercedes are great for the ego, but the Saturn is more likely to get you where you want to go for longer at a mere fraction of the cost. Congratulations on a wise decision!!

2003 Mercedes-Benz E-Class E270 CDi 3.2 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


A steal at todays used prices


Weeping seal on injector pump (expensive, but thankfully sorted under warranty)

Otherwise fault free.

General Comments:

Staggering value for money. This was bought as a 3 year old ex-lease car with 77,000 miles, FMBSH and 12 months RAC warranty from an independent dealer with a bit of haggling for just under UKP15,000.

The 3.2 diesel has stacks of grunt, is near silent when cruising, and returns an average of 38 mpg so far. It can be surprisingly vocal under load however, and the leaking fuel pump it developed after just 3 weeks of ownership caused some concern. Apparently it's a known issue, and expensive to fix. Thankfully the warranty paid up without hassle.

Fabulous automatic gearbox - always had manual cars, but it's just wrong to buy a manual Mercedes. For my traffic laden commute it's so much more relaxing than pumping a clutch for miles on end. Kickdown is swift, and changes barely more noticeable than the slur in engine note.

Interior is everything you would expect of a Mercedes. Beautifully trimmed and finished, ultra comfortable and nicely specified. No hint of the build quality issues reported on more recent Mercedes cars - finish is first class.

Handling positive for a big car, but steering could do with more feel. A first class motorway car though. I can manage 500 mile trips feeling almost as fresh as when I left. The kids love the rear seat accommodation too. Vast boot, but limited by usual saloon aperture restrictions.

Feels barely run in to be honest, and a steal considering it was well over UKP 30k new.

Far less unpleasant image than the BMW I was going to buy.


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Review Date: 19th May, 2006

12th Jan 2007, 01:18

I was fortunate enough to test drive a senior manager's Mercedes E270 cdi last month and boy was I very surprised! It is one gutsy and responsive large car I have ever driven and probably the best available in the 2700cc category. Who cares if it uses only 5 cylinder? The car is really one car I hope I can afford very soon.

I actually liked the steering because I found steering that provides too much feedback to be very tiring especially during interstate driving. About the only thing I missed was the vroom vroom noise when accelerating hard that usually comes on petrol engines. But still this car can be relaxing to drive as well which is a very welcoming thing.

10th Mar 2010, 02:49

Just bought the E320CDi 2003 model. It's stunningly good and, as you say, terrific VFM. Mine is a 2003, one elderly owner and just 33,000 miles with a full MBSH - £12,000. It is immaculate, and drives and feels like a new car. It just eats up the miles, and I actually find it encourages me to stay within speed limits on normal roads - driving it is just so easy and laid back, but when you want to go, it obliges.