19th Nov 2007, 06:41

Anyone who trades a Mercedes into a Saturn needs to have the head checked. What makes you think the Saturn will be any more reliable?

It's a GM car and like most GM products, it's a sub-standard product designed by sleazy bean counters and built with no care.

21st Nov 2007, 13:57

Actually, Saturn is rated as far more reliable than almost ALL current Mercedes models, as are most GM cars.

Contrary to the common saying, you DO NOT always "get what you pay for".

For ego alone, buy a Mercedes. For dependable transportation at a fifth of the cost (in both purchase price and upkeep) buy a Saturn, or if your ego insists on a more expensive car, try the Lincoln MKS (one of the highest rated cars on the planet for reliability, light years ahead of ALL Mercedes models).

23rd Nov 2007, 22:57

Actually, commenter 06:41 should check out the most recent automotive edition of Consumer Reports. ALL of the domestic "Big Three" manufacturers have higher average overall reliability ratings than Mercedes. I guess the "bean counters" are doing something right.

4th Jan 2008, 04:26

And for both ego and sensibility, get a Lexus. The name will do wonders for bragging rights and Lexus has always been at the top of the reliability chart ever since it was sold here.

18th Mar 2008, 07:23

People who buy mercedes, are gullible slaves to social image. Also. Have you ever noticed how most mercedes drivers are - well - fat.

5th Apr 2008, 16:25

I have a co worker at my job who has a Mercedes E-320, 2003. I have ridden in it before. I comment that this E-320 is like any other car. He says he paid about $55,000 for it. I definitely feel its NOT worth it, especially for how clumsy the reliability is for a Mercedes (I keep hearing about anyway).

Just like one of you said, Mercedes is for people who want to show off how much money he has. But speaking of which, the only kind of people who can afford a car with a price tag like that are mostly old fellas, (and um.. fat too).

I was looking at some used Lexus LS400s, same type of car as the E-320. Then my wife comments to me: "Those look too much like a car for old people". I have to agree with that! They DO look like cars that mostly old people have.

And for this guy, his car is probably worth maybe $22000 now. He lost $30000 in the value!

28th May 2008, 02:15

Well pointed out above. Mercedes Benz leads the way for Autobahn ready luxury autombiles and the people who know a good thing. I would say that it is worth the cost, to be the boss. When it comes to solidity of chassis and suspension components plus refined comfort behind the wheel or as a passenger, Mercedes Benz is THE benchmark. I have a 25 yr old 300D that is as solid today as the day it left the factory. This car still looks good inside and out, has NO rattles or squeaks and has allowed me to survive a roll over with it. It is driven hard more often than not and I often get complimented and asked to sell it. The springs in the suspension were changed 12 yrs ago so the ride is still 'magic carpet-like'. It has eaten up long stretches country roads and highway for almost 300,000 miles and after a roll over and fix-up I don't want to sell it.

The newer modern Mercedes cars are far more refined and hi-tech efficient, yet just as solid as the old. Once the warranty is allowed to serve its purpose, they are unbeatable. I also have a CLK320 that has exquisite style, comfort, ride quality and handling. It is reliable and capable in all conditions due to the TC and other modern safety and convenience features that Mercedes are renowned for. The CLK320 V6 performance is a bonus that gives nearly 30 mpg while cruising silently at 140 kmh. I sometimes have to commute over 100 miles each way and either Benz can handle it with ease and they cost no more than the fuel and scheduled maintenance, which is an inspection and synthetic oil change every 20k. Mercedes Benz hold up better than many other marques cars and trucks as is evidenced around the world. In the long term, a MB represents the best value in luxury automobile ownership because they are built to last and "engineered like no other".

5th Jun 2008, 10:01

I just purchased a used e500 from MB. I traded in a BMW 540i and the first 3 weeks of my purchase the car was at MB service center in repair. The radio would not come on sometimes and it took them 3 weeks to find the problem. Yes the car is nice but I think the dependability is not that great. My BMW had 130k miles and all I ever did was change the oil very dependable. The repairs were in the 2k.

12th Aug 2008, 19:14

I own a 2003 Mercedes E500 with 35,000 miles on it. It is not a comfortable car to drive; the seats are not comfortable. The front end has a terrible noise in it when you hit any imperfection in the road. The air conditioner system has to be the poorest on the planet, and only cools when the fan is on full blast. I'm over 60 and not a hot rodder, but the car eats tires every 24,000 miles. The cup holder system in the front seat is the worst I've ever seen. The interior is cheap-looking and spartan like a taxi cab or police car. When you drive the car below 25 miles per hour, it has a terrible humming noise that drives you crazy. I drive the car by myself as I'm too embarrassed to let anyone ride in this substandard car.

7th Nov 2008, 15:01

Mercedes are some of the very best cars in the world. Highest quality, best in durability and reliability and the top engineering in safety among many other aspects. I have had many Mercedes and own at this moment three with very high mileages. I have never had to spend a cent in anything out of the ordinary (I just send them to the authorized dealer for regular services - something that many owners don't do because they want to "save money" on mechanical attention, and that usually plays against them).

Consumer's reports have many flaws, for example: they count at the same level of importance a problem with a wiper or with the transmission... The best European magazines do rate very high in quality, dependability and durability, Mercedes and BMW.

But for those of you who are happier with a Saturn, I find that splendid, maybe you don't appreciate at all cars - makes one wonder why would you go into a cars web page...

GM, Ford and Chrysler are completely broken. They have made some of the worst, outdated technologies, at least 15 years behind the Germans -specially Mercedes- and Japanese. And now let's see what kind of quality can they offer cutting down money from all their production process, because of the long term crisis. They really deserve what they are going through. But as long as there are people who buy them because of patriotism they will exist - it seems every year there are less of these, anyway. Have you ever wonder why American cars are sold in a gigantic proportion -almost exclusively- in the USA??? Mercedes are sold all over the world, more than inside their country, and that goes also for BMW, Audi, Nissan, Toyota, Honda, Jaguar, etc... Oh, there surely most be a reason for that. And I can tell you: we don't appreciate extremely low quality from American cars, just above Russian and Chinese...