29th May 2009, 00:19

To the poster on Aug 12 2008 I have one question...

Why did you buy the car if you didn't like it?

29th May 2009, 15:59

"Low quality from American cars"


While I agree with you about the current state of American quality and the financial problems that they are facing right now, I have to say that you are wrong about them only being sold in the States. American cars are also sold all over the world, just like your fancy Mercedes, Audi, BMW, etc. Now, I am no die hard patriot, I work for Hyundai. But one thing WE don't like from you Mercedes and BMW people is the un-godly prices for your parts when your cars do crap out, and trust me, they do. I find your comment amusing when considering that at the moment Mercedes is ranked close to the bottom right now in reliability. Now I don't pretend to make you believe any American is close to the top of that list, but now I wonder if you would still say the same thing after paying attention to the car ratings of today? ALL CARS ARE MADE BY MAN. When the Good Lord comes down and makes His own brand of automobile, then you can complain to him when they are not perfect by YOUR EXPERT OPINION.

5th Oct 2009, 15:32

People that complain from Mercedes-Benz's reliability in 99% of the cases should not be driving one simply because they cannot afford it. They are often the ones that bought the MB to show off.

It is very true that Mercedes (or any german car for that matter) cannot come close to the overall reliability of Lexus (ex.), but what they give you in return is a smile every time you sit behind the wheel, and to some people this is what's most important. Nothing comes close to the solid feel of a Mercedes Benz and nothing sets your blood on fire like a BMW. People that can actually afford these premium german vehicles are very happy with them and will never drive anything but.

German cars are very big on preventative maintenance, and if you don't keep up they will fall apart. People do not take their cars for service unless something breaks.

I currently own a 91 420sel, 04 E500 Wagon, 03 525it and a 07 Toyota Yaris. I enjoy servicing my vehicles once per month on a Sunday evening. I feel the passion of the designers that built my german fleet and I always feel excited. I own something special.

The Yaris has 75k and I've owned it since new. Nothing has ever gone wrong with it. I feel like a tool every time I drive it. What a stupid ass vehicle. Still, not as bad as all the Camrys and Corollas out there. The Yaris is the only car I would sell in a heart beat with no regrets. For most of the people, what's most important is to get from point A to point B with no break downs and no visits to the dealer. My number 1 requirement from a vehicle is to make me feel alive. If you want an appliance to move you around - get a Honda or Toyota. If you want LOVE and can afford it - get a BMW or a Benz.


To the person above: Wipers for the damn Yaris - $70. Wipers for a 09 Audi S8 - $48.


My 91 420 SEL looks, drives and feels like new (almost). How many Japanese cars of the same vintage can show that? There is a difference between reliability and durability.

14th Oct 2009, 21:02

ALL cars have reliability issues at some time or other, but durability is another matter. While all Mercedes-Benzes may not be perfect, which cars are?

Regardless, Mercedes-Benz has survived for over 100 years as a premium car builder and the way others are failing, they will continue for another 100 years easily.

Saturn in case you haven't noticed, has now ceased to exist as a manufacturer. Report back in a few years and let us know 'how that's working out for you' then.

This is just one more reason why it is pointless in disparaging the world's oldest and most innovative car builder Mercedes-Benz, because tough times don't last, but tough cars do!

16th Oct 2009, 21:12

It is ludicrous to speak of Mercedes and Saturn (and Toyota for that matter) in the same breath. I remember test driving a Saturn a few years ago and I couldn't believe people would actually buy those cars.

Some of the posters hit the nail on the head. I bought my E500 almost 3 years ago and, to this day, I still feel great every time I sit behind the wheel. The car is beautiful inside and outside. Its beauty is timeless. I'm quite disappointed with the 2010 E500, it's boring. In terms of reliability, my car needed 2 oil changes and nothing else since I had bought it. I love driving it especially on the highway, it's incredibly quiet and stable. There's really nothing like it.

I've also owned a few Toyota's before and I can tell you that their quality has gone downhill. Lots of rattling and annoying problems. Sales have gone to the dogs. No wonder the chairman in Japan said Toyota was at the brink of going under.

Some people might like their cars but those who appreciate great cars love their MB's.

17th Oct 2009, 10:43

"I find your comment amusing when considering that at the moment Mercedes is ranked close to the bottom right now in reliability."

I checked J.D.Power myself after reading the above quote and found that the 2009 Mercedes-Benz E-Class is in FACT listed nearer the top 5 in Reliability and Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout (APEAL) and Initial Quality Study (IQS). The Predicted Reliability and IQS was rated 4/5 which is 'Better than Most'.

In fact ALL 2009 Mercedes-Benz models were rated in ALL categories as 'Better than The Rest' at worst and above Average or "Better than Most' on average.

In the case of the S-Class and SLK models, they were listed as J.D. Power Award Recipients as 5/5, which is 'Among the Best'. Hmmm.

21st Oct 2009, 20:35

There are two kinds of cars in the world - Mercedes-Benz and the rest! Heh.

1st Nov 2009, 22:24

Don't even BOTHER with the J.D thing. IT'S NOT ACCURATE!!! Use THIS site (Carsurvey.org). This is the ACCURATE information. Those J.D. things just favorite the Lexus, Acura or Toyota and Honda. That's it.

13th Dec 2009, 01:59

Oh come on, it's a Benz. It's not how well you go fast, but how fast you go well. Happy motoring and Merry Christmas.

15th Jan 2010, 13:36

Mercedes pre 1994 were all hand built, that's how their name became so big. When I was a kid, my dad had a 1972 240 I believe, it lasted into the early 90's, and then he sold it. I don't know where it is now, but that car would never quit.

These days their cars are mass produced, so they cut corners. The new CEO says they will change the reliability issues, but we will see.

Personally I'm a BMW man, but comparing a Merc to a Saturn or any other GM, Ford, Dodge, Lincoln, or Caddy, is a mistake. The plastics in American cars are made from the same stuff they make bottles out of. I've seen Mercs and BMWs with 200,000 miles on them drive and look better than any American car with 100,000 miles on it.