27th Dec 2010, 11:37

"The only problem with this car is that it's a Mercedes."

Your mechanic actually said that? Unbelievable!

9th Jan 2011, 21:15

I traded a 2001 Buick Park Ave for my 1992 Mercedes E. I have to say this is the best car I have ever owned. It is my first Mercedes and I love it.

Listening to my father who has owned three this is the perfect car for me. With 206,000 miles now it has 210,000 miles and it rides like a brand new one. I have only had to spend 100$ in repairs and my dealer even put in a new transmission, new battery fuel lines.

The Mercedes is the car of the past present and future.

From Rev. Carlindo King-C.P.A.

10th Jan 2011, 16:22

"Buying a used luxury car is a risky move; the more useless luxuries in a car, the more that'll go wrong in 10 years"

True, but sadly ALL modern cars are crammed full of needless gimmicks that are prone to problems in the long run. Our Ford Fusion has all the same extras as our Lincoln MKZ, except for heated seats and climate control. Mom bought the MKZ because she was always taught that if something costs more, it is better, which is, of course, a myth. Luxury cars are strictly for ego appeal. At present the Mercedes is rated as not very reliable compared to other makes. Still, owning one says "Look at me, I'm wealthy" which is what owning ANY luxury car is really about. Quality is never the consideration that makes people buy cars. If it were, the world would all drive Fords.

25th Mar 2011, 01:51

I have a 1992 400E (124) with 210k on it. We bought it with 150k, and while it has needed some things like wiring a harness, we have never had problems like yours. You may have a flood car.

The inline 6 has some particular issues as well, like the head gasket. The 124 model was the very best Benz ever produced. I find parts are very cheap, much cheaper than even a Ford Taurus we owned, so easy to work on, and the quality of materials is over top in every way. I feel for you.

Please join benzworld.org and do research before you take it to a stealership. The first thing any one should look for when evaluating an older Benz is repair records and the correct antifreeze. If you see green, do not buy the car.

I think it has to be a flood car with all of the electrical problems. With the economy the way it is these days, I feel very sorry for you and all these issues. Good luck.

25th Mar 2011, 16:20

Mercedes W124 is probably one of the best built "normal" cars ever, together with the W201 (190 series).

Materials, craftsmanship, paint quality, fit of details is in most areas far better than any US made car.

Anyone who said "You only pay for the star on the hood", has no real experience with these cars.

But OK, even these cars had some flaws...

Early 90´s cars had a recall on electrics; the harness (mainly in the engine bay area, the insulation of the cables tended to deteriorate rapidly when exposed to heat from the engine).

Other than that, electrical problems on these cars happens way less frequently than on other cars. Every electrical connector on these cars is soldered, not simply clamped as most cars.

I totally agree with the commentator who thought this was a flood car, no other explanation...

Mercedes seats are in my opinion among the best. But on a 200K+ miles car with a previous 250 pound owner, the seat springs just give up and leave you sitting on the floor...

As with any car older than 20 years, the maintenance the previous owners has given it is everything. Doesn't matter how good a car was when it was new if nobody cared for it!

Expensive construction unfortunately often means expensive repairs, not in this case. Most service parts needed are amazingly cheap, and these cars are very easy to work on in most areas.

My last W124 was something that most people in the US would never consider buying... (I live in Sweden), a 200D, which means a peppy 72 hp naturally aspired diesel engine, connected to a four speed manual transmission. It actually didn´t move that bad, zero to sixty was like 17 sec with a top speed of close to 110 mph, thanks to excellent aerodynamics!

Fuel economy? Oh yes! 55 miles to the gallon, and that ain't bad for a car that size! It was sad that I had to scrap it, but after 350K miles and a million mostly owner related problems (In other words, things I didn´t fix in time) that was the thing to do...

Did it ever let me down the five years I had it? never!

So, I hate American cars, right? Ehhh...

My daily driver is a -93 Crown Victoria, extremely reliable car! I also have 5 older US cars (1941-1957), and I just love them :-)

26th Aug 2013, 14:37

Reading what your mechanic told you, the case is quite clear, it isn't your car which is faulty, it's your mechanic. Change to a good one, and fix your car, it will last more than any other one. Toyotas...? Come on!