1992 Mercedes-Benz E-Class from North America


I HATE it!


Windshield wiper stopped working.

Windows stopped going up and down.

Alarm would not stop going off.

Gas cover got locked up, and had to be broken in order to get gas.

A/C worked for a day.

Radio stopped turning on.

Sporadic transmission failure.

Would not shift to 3rd gear for a while.

General Comments:

I have a '92 Mercedes E300 as well. It has relatively low miles for an old car - about 92000.

It is definitely the worst car I have ever owned. The best thing about it is that it is safe (I was hit by a dump truck and the car wasn't even damaged), but that's the only good thing I can think of.

The bad things with my Mercedes were that all of the electrical wiring went bad (after research, I discovered that there is a recall for this). The windows do not work, A/C broke instantly, the sole windshield wiper stopped working, and now even the radio stopped turning on.

This car has been more trouble than it's worth. I have to take it in to get it fixed every two months. My mechanic actually told me, "The problem with this car is that it's a Mercedes. If I were you I'd get some good insurance on it and crash it."

I also had a battery explode.

I had one period of time when the car would not shift gears at all, causing it to be non-driveable for 3 months. When I took it to the mechanic, it suddenly worked fine.

Also, I had a MAJOR problem with the alarm system. One day it just started to go off for no reason. At first, it would go off when I started the car, but after doing this for about a month, it would no longer turn off for ANY reason. I ended up having to get the alarm system disconnected.

I have had plenty of used cars before - Ford, Saturn, Toyota, Volvo, Chevy, etc., and none have been as bad as this car. I'm going back to Toyota, which lasted to 300,000 miles.

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Review Date: 22nd December, 2010

24th Dec 2010, 18:37

Buying a used luxury car is a risky move; the more useless luxuries in a car, the more that'll go wrong in 10 years.

How much did you pay in insurance? I heard that these and Volvos cost a fortune to keep going.

And how hard did the dump truck hit your Benz?

1992 Mercedes-Benz E-Class 300e benzin from Netherlands


Super fine, solid and quick car


Nothing has gone wrong so far, so good.

General Comments:

A Mercedes 300e is a very comfortable and reliable car.

It is really great to drive. It feels very solid and safe, and is very quick too. Even today it is competitive.

I bought this car almost a year ago, and every day I love to drive it. I drove it on two vacations to the south of France in October 2009, and this summer to the South of Spain for a trip of more than 6000 km. Also I use it for work and daily driving. With the air con and cruise control on, it was no problem at all to drive 900 plus km a day. Cruising at 150 an hour is lots of fun.

The car is quiet, and the brakes are very good. It feels safe at high speed.

Only two remarks: the car is somewhat sensitive to side winds, and also the driver's seat is not the best you can imagine. There are better seats in lots of cars. It is a pity Mercedes builds such good cars, but does not put good seats in the year 1992.

Also fuel consumption is at a high level. But what do you expect for a car this quick, comfortable, spacious and solid. I take it for granted, and I am planning to keep it for many years.

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Review Date: 8th September, 2010